New Democracy Leader Calls for Party Unity


Unity should prevail. This was the message former Greek Prime Minister and main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras highlighted while addressing the party’s MPs behind closed doors earlier today. As he further stressed, he is in not “glued” to his chair but he would not consider leaving the party’s leadership at such a critical point in the country’s history.

Samaras’ appearance was seen as a clear message to all directions that he is not willing to step aside or start the process for his succession in the wake of the heavy electoral defeat the party suffered in January 25 and opinion polls revealing the gap between ruling SYRIZA and New Democracy is constantly growing, reaching an enormous 22.1 percentage points. On the opposite, Samaras challenged any New Democracy MPs that doubt his leadership to openly state it and request the procedure for a leadership congress.

Once again, the former Prime Minister attacked the SYRIZA-led government, saying they “know that their unity is fragile and the toughest fight is still to come,” while adding that “we are not in a hurry to break them apart. They are in a hurry to destroy themselves with what they do.”

In the days following the electoral defeat, a number of New Democracy MPs and members have publicly accused Samaras and his closest associates for a wrong strategy that lead to the defeat. Among others, former government spokesperson of the Karamanlis administration Evangelos Antonaros has once again spread discomfiture among party members after tweeting that the party should proceed to a “political redefining in order to get rid of the extreme right schlock and neo-liberal doctrine.” At the same time, former Foreign Affairs Minister of the Karamanlis administration between 2006 and 2009 Dora Bakoyannis, in a recent interview to Greek TV, did not rule out the possibility of challenging the party’s leadership in the near future after what was seen as a major defeat in the recent Greek general elections. “What I have to say, I will say it to the Parliamentary Group,” she declared then, adding that Greece needs a “healthy and powerful center right front,” which does not reflect New Democracy’s current situation.


  1. Support for New Democracy has collapsed from the 29.7% it received at the January 25 National election, to around 18.3% according to a Metron analysis poll released last week, see the Greek reporter article titled “New Poll: SYRIZA has comfortable lead over New Democracy.” Another poll released on March 3rd by star . gr shows New Democracy polling 19.2% ,google the Greek reporter article titled, “New Greek Poll: SYRIZA 41.3%, New Democracy 19.2%”

    Watch support for New Democracy plummet even further as their illegal and unjust treatment of innocent Golden Dawn members of parliament, and their trampling of the Hellenic constitution, and interference in the judiciary is exposed. New Democracy is irrevocably headed down the same path of political irrelevance that PASOK finds itself in.

    Parliament Speaker Zoe Constantopoulou suggested on Wednesday that some laws voted by less than 151 of 300 MPs when Golden Dawn MPs being held in pretrial custody were not allowed to cast ballots might not stand and that she will review the relevant legislation.

    “I am telling you directly that there is a possibility they could be canceled,” said Constantopoulou, who made special reference to the laws relating to bailout measures.

    New Democracy responded by accusing her of trying to give Golden Dawn a central role in Greek politics. “Does this represent SYRIZA’s view?” asked the conservatives.

  2. A large number of Greek citizens who voted for SYRIZA, ANEL, and GD at the January 2015 National elections were ex-New Democracy voters. New Democracy scored 29.7% at the January election, since then, a mere 6 weeks later New Democracy has lost a full 1/3 of its supporters who have mostly gone to SYRIZA. Today New Democracy polls between 18% to 19%. Do you understand what this means? Conservative voters, mostly staunch Orthodox Christians are so disgusted at the phony pseudo conservative New Democracy MP’s who they identify as servile puppets of the Troika that they are now reluctantly supporting the Marxists of SYRIZA because they view SYRIZA as a party that might tear up the hated “bailout agreement” and cease cooperation with the Troika bureaucrats. When it finally sinks in to these former New Democracy supporters that SYRIZA has done a U turn on its pre-election promises and that it intends to continue adhering to the hated bailout agreement they will quickly leave SYRIZA, and switch support to the only anti-bailout, anti-troika party left. That party is Golden Dawn.

  3. I can repeat myself just as much as you. The end result is as I said, GD has zero chance of winning a federal election. All GD have accomplished was harm the right and gave communists chance to win.

    You are going to wait from here to eternity for GD to take over Greece. Never going to happen. Never.