Greek Foreign Minister: Jihadists will Flock in Europe if Greece Crumbles

kotziasGreek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias said that jihadists will flock in Europe if Greek economy crumbles.

Kotzias spoke during an unofficial meeting of European Union Foreign Ministers in Riga, Latvia. He stressed Greece’s geopolitical importance in the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea.

“There will be millions of migrants and thousands of jihadists flocking in Europe if the Greek economy crumbles. There is no stability in the western Balkans and then we have problems in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and North Africa. There is a scythe formed,” the Greek Foreign Minister said.

Kotzias mentioned Europe’s stance toward Greece over the state debt: “Germans want to suffocate us. You accuse us of squandering money. But no one can deny what Greece gave to Germany,” he said.

“What they are doing to us is political racism. It is necessary for Europe’s future to find another way to treat Greece. It is also a geostrategic necessity. Instead, they attempted to crush the SYRIZA government from the start. Now it is done slowly… What will come next? Right extremism and chaos.”