ECB Official: Time is Running Short for Greece

    ECB-Benoît-Coeuré“We are looking forward to working with Greece. Time is running short,” said Benoit Coeure, Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank.

    The ECB official spoke to Cypriot newspaper Politis on Sunday and discussed Greece’s bailout talks.

    “The (Greek) authorities have committed to fully cooperate with the three institutions (the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund), in order to allow for a speedy and successful conclusion of the review,” Coeure told Politis.

    “We are looking forward to working with the Greek authorities. Time is running short,” he said.

    Greece and its euro zone partners came to an agreement last month to extend its bailout program by four months. The Greek government has until April to detail reforms that it will implement and to successfully conclude a bailout review before it receives any further aid.

    “When the current review is concluded successfully, and if the Greek authorities so wish, a follow-up arrangement will be discussed with the Eurogroup,” Coeure said.


    1. Well we already know many Greeks are incompentent and corrupt. The economy speaks for itself. The 45 percent that voted for Marxist Syriza only further illustrate the enormous stupidity and far leftist fanaticism going on in Greece.

      Unfortunately many of our alleged “moderate” leftists now live in a post nationalist far leftist fantasyland they’ve created with words. They idiotically see the world as a choice between fascism and communism when in fact there are many points of moderation in between. Our deluded leftists irrationally believed foreign nationalists, many of whom are outright racist towards Greeks, were going to fund their lifestyle? Ignorance.

      Our treasonous leftist fanatics sold out their own people in pathetic vain hope of getting handouts from foreign nationalists. They slandered Greek patriots in the hopes of approval of foreign nationalists hostile towards Greeks. Ephialtes .

      Our leftists are now about to face cold hard reality when other European nations refuses to end austerity (i.e. they expect us to balance our own budgets not fiddle with out books to peddle to demands of leftist fanatics). You see, unlike Greek leftists, foreign nationalists care about protecting their identity and country. They care about keeping out illegals. They care about what they give to their country not only take. They certainly don’t want treasonous Marxist fanatics running their own countries.

      Samaras was a far more honest and intelligent leader than the current Marxist buffoons running Greece but of course our self-righteous leftists always demand handouts so they demonized him for saying the truth… austerity is here to stay. From this day forward if leftist Greeks want money.. they have to earn it themselves like everyone else in the world does. No amount of self-righteous whining for handouts, no amount of slandering patriots as “racists” and :fascists”, no amount of striking, no amount of rioting,…will change that. Work or starve.