Greek Riot Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Demonstrators

Greek riot police fire tear gas to disperse protesters demanding the release of all immigrants and refugees outside one of the country’s largest detention centers.

Clashes broke out on Saturday after police forces used tear gas to disperse protesters gathered outside a detention center in the southeastern city of Corinth, Greece.

The demonstrators, waving red and black anarchist flags, broke into the camp’s main entrance.
They called on the government to immediately release all immigrants and refugees held in camps and detention centers across the country.

They also urged the new Greek leftist government to reverse the immigration policies put in place by the previous government.
(source: MSM/NT)


  1. don’t worry – syriza will release all of them soon enough. Tsipras has in the past asked the church to look after illegal (mostly muslim) immigrants, won’t be surprised if he asks them to do so again – he uses the church to get votes (eg his photo op at Mt Athos), refuses to swear allegiance on a bible then asks the church to house muslim immigrants – says alot about the backstabbing character of this man


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