European Court Charges Greece Over Detention Conditions of Five Men


The European Court of Human Rights has earlier today ordered Greece to pay a total of 82,600 euros in compensation to five applicants, who had sued the country regarding their detention conditions in some of Greece’s largest prisons; Korydallos, Larissa and Diavata.

The applicants are three Greek citizens, Vassilis Bouros, Christodoulos Giatzoglidis and Michail Gavriilidis, one Romanian, Giorgos Pourselantzei, and one Bulgarian, Stefan Dimitrov. According to their complaint, while serving time in the three Greek prisons, they faced numerous problems including overcrowding of inmates, poor hygiene conditions, as well as lack of furniture and heating. As the European Court highlighted in its reasoning, their detention had been in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

It should be noted that just a week ago, a number of images emerging from Athens’ Korydallos prison shocked Greece, as they depicted inhuman conditions in many of its areas, including the prison’s hospital.


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