New Case of Modern Day Slavery in Southern Greece

achaiaA 51-year-old Greek man in Achaea, along with a 42-year-old Romanian national, were forcing foreigners to work with no pay under inhumane conditions, while they would often intimidate them by firing shots in the air or the ground.

The shocking case of modern-day slavery was revealed when two Romanian workers were able to leave the poultry unit -where they were being kept- and filed a complaint to Greek Police, requesting their help and protection. Police soon found out that the 51-year-old man had faced charges for similar offenses in 2013.

Therefore the Greek police subdivision of organized crime and human trafficking investigated the case. The two Romanian nationals had been persuaded to travel to Greece in order to work under good conditions and adequate salary in the property owned by the 51-year-old man. However, when they arrived in Patras, the were taken to a building with poor sanitation, little to no food and total lack of heating, while they were forced to work every day from morning till night without any rest.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the two men, who were arrested by Greek authorities, were forcing foreigners to stay in the farm using psychological and physical violence, even though they were not being paid.

When police arrived at the poultry farm facilities, they released seven Romanian nationals, who were victims of human trafficking for labor exploitation. Police also found 1.5 million euros in cash while investigating the place.


  1. Just as exists in most hotels in Greece. This happened to my brother while working at the Aristoteles Hotel Chalkidiki Ouranoupoli. He worked an average 18 hours a day, has not been paid for at least one years work. And was living under atrocious conditions. A room with a skylight that was broken and let the rain in. No heating or TV open sewer in the bathroom. And had to beg for food. Average hourly rate was 4 Euros. When he went to ask for his wages they keep telling him the accountant is not there and the last time he was there the son of the hotel owner bashed him. My brother is a Greek from Australia and he went to Greece because he loves culture and the Greek ways, he plays the bouzouki and is a hard worker.

    He was hired because of his english language and williness to work. While at the Aristoeles Hotel he work at reception, security, cleaning and maintenance and in service. Instead of being rewarded for his hard work, he was abused by his employer. This employer has not paid many now ex employees. He also hires students who are studing hotel management in Roumania, Bougaria and other western countries and does not pay them. That is why Greece has a big problem because employees like this are criminals and get away with it and make millions. What they also do every night is right off many orders as a wrongly ordered product or product was expired or not suitable to serve. So they make an average 300 to 1000 Euros of reclamations a day. And take a lot of payments without receipts. Because i was there and i saw it happen and people told me it also.