Greece Amid ‘Most Stressed Out Nations’ List

36With Norway being the most carefree nation in the world and Nigeria the most stressed-out country, Greece lies somewhere in the middle of the “Most Stressed Out Nations” list in a survey conducted by Bloomberg.

Neighboring Turkey is less stressed out than Greece. So is Argentina with a plethora of economic problems. Greeks are the most stressed out amongst the euro zone population and more stressed than the rest of Europe.

The survey used seven basic criteria to measure the stress level of a population and shows some very interesting statistics.

* Number of homicides: El Salvador and Venezuela top the list, something that puts them both in high places of the most stressed countries list.

* GDP per capita based on purchasing power: At the bottom are Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Nigeria.

* Income inequality: South Africa and Colombia are the worst in that aspect.

* Corruption: Venezuela, Bangladesh and Nigeria are the most corrupt.

* Unemployment: FYROM, Greece, Bosnia and Spain have the highest unemployment rates. Yet they are not on top of the most stressed list. They are somewhere between the middle and the top.

* Urban air pollution: The most polluted countries are Mongolia, Pakistan, Egypt and Iran.

* Life expectancy: Nigeria, South Africa and India have the lowest life expectancy and very stressed out citizens.