New Democracy Leader: ‘The Government is Lying to Greek People’

antonis-samaras_12092014110149New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras lashed out at the government on Thursday, urging it to stop lying to the Greek people and delaying the implementation of the February 20 agreement. Samaras released the agreement document, which has the signature of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

“The government for one and a half month has not dared bring the extension of the loan agreement it signed to the Parliament, as it is afraid of the voting in Parliament, of SYRIZA and Independent Greeks parliamentary groups, and mainly because it does not want the Greek people to find out the truth. However, a lie has no legs. We publish the document so that each Greek citizen can look it up and draw his own conclusions.

The contract is the modification of the Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement so as to get a four-month extension, just like our government did in December to get a two-month extension. Both are inextricably linked to the Memorandum. Therefore, the government did not tear the Memorandum apart but co-signed it. However, our government was terminating it, along with the Memorandum. The new extension of the contract equals an extension of the Memorandum as well.

The fact that the Memorandum is extended is also confirmed by the rest of the Troika, by the ECB and IMF announcements; and they shouldn’t tell us that they cannot read the texts. The two texts are identical, apart from one point that includes the return of 10.2 billion euros. The 1.2 billion euros, which the government should not have returned and is now asking back to cover cash needs, are part of this amount. Up until last month, the government assured it did not need the 7.2-billion-euro tranche, while it is now anxious to disburse any amount to limit the domestic default in payments.”

“All that is part of the supposedly tough negotiation that the government had” and called on it to put any communication tricks aside. “Creative ambiguity equals lies within the country. Let the government stop any procrastination and delays, and implement what it signed on February 20 because each day that goes by, the economy collapses and the cost on society increases,” Samaras concluded.

New Democracy Deputy Christos Staikouras released the agreement document, claiming the texts of the two updated contracts are identical.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. I think ΣΥΡΙΖΑ will be a disaster, but Samaras has no right to accuse anybody of lying to the Greek people. He also promised to tear up the Memorandum and failed to do so.

  2. Antonis as long as you represent the opposition there is little that will be taken as credible. You had your opportunity and did not make the hard choices necessary regardless of popularity. The obvious lessen to you and your coalition partners that unsustainable means unsustainable was lost and so you were voted OUT of office. When ND’s base awakens they will remove you from office and hopefully place someone of greater credibility, integrity and conviction. Failing to do so will result in the slow death spiral of ND as a political force in Greece.

  3. It sounds like the rifts in greek society from the civil war 1948 to 1952?, the Colonels and polarisation between Pasok and ND never were healed and continue to the present day.

    I can imagine this presenting a dilemma for moderate and responsable people.

    It is a dilemma however that, seems to me, can only be resolved by greeks themselves.

  4. ND were not the colonels and Pasok were not the communists but within ND and Pasok there were hardline extremists that were fascists and Marxists that voted strategically .

    Now that our economy imploded those hardliners have left ND/Pasok and have once again come to the fore. GD gets all the attention (mostly because it sells newspapers) but the reality is far leftist extremism is far more common in Greece

  5. I read some of your comments and I can understand the frustration of a lot of reality based greeks. However, it seems the other greeks are in control. Most of Europeans are fed up with those greeks and the greek government.