Counter-terrorism Squads Discover Christodoulos Xeros’ Bomb Testing Field


Greek police counter-terrorism squads have recently discovered a plot of land in Nea Permaos in the outskirts of Athens which was reportedly serving as a bomb testing facility for November 17 ex member and convicted terrorist Christodoulos Xeros and possibly other members of urban guerrilla groups. Moreover, the police also discovered another hideout of Xeros and are currently investigating the apparent links between him and the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Fire Cells.

According to Greek reports, the plot also accommodates an old reservoir of the Athens Water and Sewage Company (EYDAP) and is situated near the village of Loutropyrgos, some 30 kilometers west of Athens. Counter-terrorism officers believe that it was used by Xeros and his accomplices in order to test their explosive devices, similar to the ones they would use to blow the fence of Greece’s largest Prison in Korydallos, Athens. The plan, codenamed “Operation Gorgopotamos” was aiming at the escape of several imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells. The plan was thwarted by police in early January, along with Xeros’ second arrest after violating his leave on January 2014.

Moreover, police sources said they found remnants of explosive devices scattered across the plot, while references to bomb testing were found in notes and mail exchanged between a suspected female aid of Xeros who was arrested earlier this month and jailed members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells urban guerrilla group.


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