Riot Breaks Out in Central Athens

exarcheiaTension broke between anti-authoritarians and Greek police officers on Saturday afternoon, in central Athens.

The incidents started after a protest held by anti-authoritarian groups in solidarity with hunger strike prisoners protesting against type C maximum security prisons in Greece.

About 600 people gathered in Monastiraki to march towards Syntagma Square and then to the Polytechnic School of Athens.

The anti-authoritarian group placed barricades on Patission avenue and set fire to bins. Around 4 p.m. the protesters entered the Polytechnic School, while the barricades on Patission avenue were removed.

Meanwhile, Greek police officers intervened, making three arrests outside the School. A while later the situation diffused, while the anti-authoritarians left the area.


  1. Mr. Soap there are crazies aka anarchists everywhere the only difference is, ours are elected and yours probably are medicated.


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