Twelve Released Over Explosion at Athens Police Station

DafniTwelve people were released early on Sunday after being rounded up by police on suspicion of placing self-made bombs outside the police station at the Dafni district of Athens on Saturday night.

About 25 people wearing hoodies and helmets threw several bombs at the station a little after 10:30 pm on Saturday, damaging three police cars but without injuring anyone. Police motorcycle squad (DIAS) arrested twelve people for identification.

Early on Sunday morning, at 4:30 am, another police station was attacked by self-made bombs at the Zografos area of Athens in a similar manner. They slightly damaged the building’s entrance and the roof of a police car parked outside. Police did not find the perpetrators.

In other incidents, this time around the Athens Polytechnic, two people aged 20 and 21 were arrested on Saturday and are expected to appear before prosecutors today, following an anti-establishment rally in downtown Athens. Case files were drawn up against them for damaging property and disturbing the peace.

According to Greek police, a group participating in a march from Monastiraki Square to Syntagma, spray-painted buildings and injured a Monastiraki shop owner. Then they walked to the Polytechnic, entered the building and placed trash bins as barricades before setting them on fire, after which they attacked police with stones and other objects.

The 21-year-old has been previously arrested for similar incidents in December 2014 and was set free on condition he would appear at the local police station the first half of each month.

(source: ana-mpa)


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