Anarchists Occupy Athens University, Police Forces On Hold


20 to 30 members of the anti-establishment movement occupied Athens University‘s main building in downtown Athens at around 10:00 a.m. Academic members called on the government to take action in order to remove the protestors from the building, and the prosecutor, who was on the spot, set 2:20 p.m. as a deadline for the group to evacuate the building, although this did not happen. According to Greek media, five of them left the campus. The anarchists have declared they do not intend to leave and have called for solidarity support outside the building.

The university premises occupation is the latest of a series of similar protests by anarchists that have occurred over the last few weeks. They are demanding to stop building maximum security prisons (the so-called “Type-C” prisons), as well as the release of former November 17 terrorist group member Savvas Xeros and relatives of Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei members that have been recently arrested.

It should be noted that on Friday, March 13, 150 anarchists occupied Athens’ Law School demanding Xeros’ release from prison for health reasons, as he is 98% disabled, the abolition of “Type-C” maximum security prison facilities, the repeal of anti-terrorism laws, as well as the immediate release of relatives of detainees involved with Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei. The remaining 20 anarchists evacuated the premises on March 18.


  1. How irononic it is that our leftists are getting dose of their own fanaticism these last few years from other fanatics.

  2. All these anarchist are a waste of CO2. They are selfish and just want to live a tribal way of life with no institutions and no common goals. Just to live like a bunch of animals is want they want!