CNBC Poll: Which Greek Asset Would You Rather Own?

new-houses_in_corfuAs negotiations between Greece and its international creditors have stalled, generating the danger of default and the country’s subsequent exit from the Eurozone, the eyes of the world are upon Greece.

Greece has to implement certain reforms and measures that will help it get out of debt and restore its ailing economy. The reforms and measures are requirements of the February 20 agreement the Greek government signed.

On Friday, Greece presented a list of proposed reforms to its creditors that would balance the country’s budget and kickstart the economy. If the list is approved, Athens will then get the much-needed 7.2 billion euros of bailout cash. It is estimated that the country will run out of cash by the end of April.

“We believe the chances of a deal being struck are high. There’s frustration in Europe about the lack of execution from the Greek government, but there’s also a sensitivity that they have to handle Greece carefully because there are other countries who are voting later this year, namely Spain who has a similar party to SYRIZA called Podemos,” Neil Dwane, chief investment officer of Europe equities at Allianz Global Investors, told CNBC.

“So Angela Merkel and the European Union have to show a smiling face to Greece even if they are frustrated,” he added.

Based on that information, CNBC conducted a poll, asking visitors on its website to answer the following question:

When it comes to Greece, what would you rather own?

Greek bonds 3%
Greek banks 31%
Greek property 35%
Nothing – it’s all Greek to me 31%

So far, results show that 35% of participants would like to have real estate property in Greece, 31% would rather own a Greek bank, another 31% chose “Nothing” and only 3% would like to have Greek bonds in their hands.


  1. So the logic of Mr. Neil Dwane is that Merkel must pay handouts to Greece, otherwise a SYRIZA-style party will come to power in Spain? That does not make sense at all. If SYRIZA is successful in getting further handouts it will encourage voting for the SYRIZA-style in Spain. On the other hand, if SYRIZA enforces their marxist ideas and subsequently Greece is kicked out of the eurozone then it will be a strong deterrant to vote SYRIZA-style in Spain. Is Mr. Dwane’s employer Allianz afraid of losing money in Greece or what?

  2. I’m all for a grexit. Greece should stay in the euro, but under it’s own currency. Not be bossed or bullied by Brussels or Germany. Greece can never be a Germany. It’s like asking Hawaii to become NYC Laid back tourist destination vs workaholic city


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