Greece Submits New List of Economic Reforms to Creditors


The Greek Government proposed a new list of economic reforms to its creditors today. The 26-pages-long list covers taxation, privatizations, Greece’s public sector, its labour market and healthcare, among others.

The list was firstly obtained by The Financial Times and journalist Peter Spiegel who wrote:

Indeed, the proposal appears to reverse past reforms in several of these areas. The document includes €1.1bn in new spending this year, more than half of it reinstating a so-called “13th pension” — an extra months’ pay — for low-income pensioners. The document suggests that change would add €600m this year.

It also would suspend a so-called “zero deficit clause” that would force further cuts to state pensions; the measure would add another €326m this year.

In the document the Greek government requests “a speedy and successful conclusion of the Final Review on the basis of this list, so that short-term funding issues may be resolved and the current crippling economic and financial uncertainties are brought to an end.”

“This is an urgent and necessary precondition for the success of the economic and reform program.”

Below is the full list of economic reforms Greece submitted as it was obtained by FT.

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  1. Money that was given to Greece did not go for people but for banks of EU,world and greek banks and thieves who had some of that money in the hands. Bill was put to the people who did get nothing from money that was aka given to Greece. This means that Greece has the right to kick out the bums and thieves of inside and outside Greece…including those who ask now for the bill to be paid….the money back from poor greek people who did not get any cent from that money

  2. If Greece walks with one left leg only it may fall…but deal of the Greeks with USA about its gas pumping may give some money… freshly printed for Greece in USA….keeping Greece in NATO…because with its extreme left Greece may end being sattelite of Russia. If lose the lazy EU soon Greece will shift to USA or Russia or all of the above


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