Half a Million Immigrants Standing By at Greek Borders


About 500,000 immigrants mostly from Syria are waiting in Turkey to enter Greece, according to information by the Greek secret services.

At a time when the citizen protection ministry decided to reduce by 30 percent the border guard forces in Xanthi, Orestiada and Drama, traffickers are standing by in Turkey waiting to smuggle into the country about half a million immigrants. In the three border crossing points there are migrant detention centers with a capacity of 1880 people, currently housing 463 detainees. The number of guards was reduced since the number of detainees decreased.

According to border guard authorities, traffickers are waiting for the floods to subside so they can bring the migrants through. “The floods will eventually subside and the weather shows this will happen very soon. Pressure in the land border will be very strong. One wonders how migration points will respond with at least 30 percent staff reduction,” the General Secretary of the Panhellenic Federation of Border Guards Charalambos Pantelidis told Eleftheros Typos newspaper.

A part of the border fence in the Evros region has fallen due to heavy rainfall and has not be restored yet. Border guard authorities believe that there will be an influx of illegal immigrants from that point as soon as the floods subside. They say that the particular entry point might replace the “sea border” of the Aegean, from where an estimated 400-500 people enter Greece daily.

The vast majority of immigrants who want to cross the Greek border are from Syria and have left their country because of the war. Authorities say that most of them use Greece as a transit country before they move further in Europe. The cost of a fake passport starts at 2,000 euros and can go up to 5,000. However, most of them are trapped in Greece because of migration treaties signed by European Union member countries who don’t allow them to leave Greece once they enter.


  1. Greece should expedite their journey into Europe immediately.
    Let the E.U. shoulder the financial and logistical burden of E.U. border security.

  2. well Tsipras has indicated he will give them all greek citizenship hence i’m expecing about 400,000 this year (last years total was approx 200,000 according to this online paper)

  3. The worst part is they are muslims. A future 5th column. Even it they all behave even 1% radicalization is unaccepatable in the host county. If they were Armenians, Russians, fellow Christians It would be straining but at least acceptable.

  4. That’s what our leftists are effectively working towards with their non-existent immigration policies. The complete destruction of Greece. Half of our leftists can’t even say the word ILLEGAL when describing these infiltrators. They call illegals “immigrants” or “undocumented migrants”.

    I could understand temporary stays for victims of wars but in practice our leftists keep giving illegals citizenship (or pressuring any non-left government by slandering those that oppose illegal migration as “racist” every time we arrest illegals or try to expel them). Aside from working to destroy Greece, these incompetent bleeding heart morons are also creating a booming human traffic industry (since traffickers and illegals know our treasonous leftists will support their invasion of our country)

  5. For sure turkey,Greece and EU are in a big trouble with their boat sinking from the weight. Greece not just may leave the EU but seal it borders too. It is getting more messy now,a disaster in both east and now in the west. Wars,chaos and martial laws are scripted to show