Greek Citizens’ Protection Dep Min: A Leftist Government Doesn’t Mean Lawlessness

syrizaaaa-708An editorial in Ta Nea newspaper written by Deputy Citizens’ Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis criticizing the far-leftist attitudes of some cabinet members has caused an uproar within the SYRIZA-led government.

The invasion by anarchists in the courtyard of the Greek Parliament and the repeated sit-ins in universities and other public buildings prompted the minister to write the editorial in which he uses some very caustic phrases and words in criticizing the leftist government for its ambiguous stance on major issues such as civil rights and public order.

Panousis wrote that “we don’t need a government that is the left of nothing… a leftist government doesn’t mean an anarchist has the right to burn a policeman.” He also indirectly accused the SYRIZA cabinet of doing nothing except compete with each other over who is more leftist, or wasting their energy on meaningless slogans. He also said we shouldn’t confuse democracy with lawlessness.

Panousis’ comments generated a strong reaction from SYRIZA members. The party’s parliamentary representative Nikos Filis commented on Panousis in a statement saying that the minister’s work is to secure public order and protect the citizens, not to comment on events. “We are not the left of nothing… the comment was not addressed to the government.”

Parliament Vice President Yiannis Balafas said, “I wouldn’t write something like that… Mr. Panousis has followed a low profile policy on the particular events.” SYRIZA MP Vasilis Diamantopoulos wrote on twitter that the minister cannot apply his personal politics. MP Rachel Makri said on ANT1 television that Panousis is a minister and not a commentator and that he owes an apology to certain people.

Education Minister Aristides Baltas said that he agrees with the editorial stating that, “(universities) are places of knowledge, research, and free expression of ideas; people should go in there to work…. each government body has its own responsibilities.”

Finally, SYRIZA MP Theodora Tzakri said on Mega television that she agrees with the minister’s statements. “Mr. Panousis stated the obvious, in my opinion.”


  1. “We also indirectly accused the SYRIZA cabinet of doing nothing except compete with each other over who is more leftist, or wasting their energy on meaningless slogans. ”

    No kidding. Our communists don’t actually accomplish anything other than hot air speeches. This is because the Marxist ideology Syriza subscribe to doesn’t work. We have decades of empirical data showing communism is an economically inefficient system.

    The funny thing about the situation is Syriza claim to represent “change” but defacto represent the same policies that got us into this mess. The entire focus of their economics is shameless demands for others to give them money rather than promoting the private sector which is the engine behind any economy. Our leftists idiotically believe that a few government officials can save them rather than accept that they themselves are chiefly responsible for improving their own lives. Instead of looking in mirror for the chief architect of their own miserable lives they blame everyone else.

  2. Thanks for the lesson………Nobody wants to remove free enterprise from society. HOWEVER, your comments #s

    “3. State sponsored thievery equals altruism. (leftists love demanding money they didn’t earn vs Right wing corperate socialism as exibited by corporate and bank bailouts with public funds

    4. Communist tyranny equals freedom (i.e. the “freedom” to obey communists)”
    VS. Right wingers Liberty and Freedom = stepping on the necks of the hungry and impoverished for personal gain while at all times using state police tools to keep the poor in line.

    Are exhibited in spades by the private sector as Right wing governments bow and kneel at the throne of private enterprise. They have allowed business to grow so large and have no borders to operate within (globalism) that they now dictate to the government how to run the country. …What is the reward to right wing governments for their deregulation and pro business governing? The reward to the right wing governments from their worshiping of the private sector has been ZERO AND A HANDFULL OF SHIT …..Now the conservative governments all over the world have an unhappy population that they cannot appease and they sit and wonder why Syriza wins elections. BALANCE IS WHAT IS required…the sooner right wingers learn it and govern benevolently (remove the dogma of labor as being nothing more than a factor of production) the more likely all citizens of society will have a bit of happiness and dignity.

  3. “freedom fighter” was only inserted to counter the term “terrorist”

    Orwillian word play to describe a Marxist terrorist. See “democratic” North Korea to see what Guevara actually was fighting for. Reality check. Had self-righteous Marxist fanatics like Guevara won the cold war we would all be living under communist tyranny today.

    The basket cases of Syriza see the totalitarian mass murdering communist thugs during the Greek civil war as “heroes”. This is like the right claiming Nazis as “heroes”. Not only idiotic but idiotic to the point of being a danger to both themselves and others.

  4. Stereotypical far leftist behavior. Rather than address my points that Syriza is run by COMMUNISTS not liberals… you evade by turning into a personal shooting match. All you are showing is you have no counterpoints comrade.

    Che Guevera = totalitarian communist terrorist. Evil.

    “Greek” civil war revolutionaries that Syriza think are “heroes” = totalitarian communist terrorists. Evil.

    Pol Pot. Khamer Rouge. Tito. Mao. Ceausescu, Jong-il Stalin. Evil.

    MILLIONS WERE OPPRESSED AND MURDERED by these far leftist fanatics. They were the leftist versions of Hitler and the gestapo. Extreme leftists on the other hand, constantly try to rewrite cold war history to make these mass murdering authoritarian Marxist thugs look like the good guys. Bizarre and dangerous.