EU Parliament President Schulz Warns Greek PM Tsipras Ahead of Moscow Visit

European Parliament - Martin Schulz

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has yet again warned the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras endanger the common European policy towards Russia. Greece is hoping for Moscow’s help ahead of its International Monetary Fund (IMF) installment repayment on April 9, the German daily newspaper Der Spiegel pressed, linking the upcoming deadline with Mr. Tsipras’ visit to the Russian capital.

The Greek Prime Minister is scheduled to be received by the Russian President on April 8, while he is expected to return on May 9 to attend a commemorative event in honor of the WWII Victory Day. On April 2, Athens issued a notice containing all the issues that the two leaders will discuss. According to the Greek Prime Minister’s press office, Mr. Tsipras will hold meetings with the President Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in order to discuss issues of bilateral interest, such as trade and economic cooperation, investments, energy, tourism and the educational-cultural cooperation between the two countries, in view of two countries’ joint decision that 2016 will be a “Year of Greece” in Russia and a “Year of Russia” in Greece. At the same time, the three men will also discuss issues regarding Russia’s relation to the EU, as well as the current developments in regional and international issues.

Greece’s European partners have been unsettled due to Greece’s stance towards the sanctions imposed on Russia, as it was the first country, along with Hungary, to raise a voice against the measures. The Greek Premier, whose government is ahead of a critical deadline in regards to the IMF 450 million euro repayment, is hoping that the country’s international partners will unlock fresh funds within April in order to avoid possible liquidity problems. Various European media have characterized Mr. Tsipras’ travel to Moscow as a quest for an alternate solution in Greece’s financial turmoil.


  1. Personally do I believe, that Greece deserve to be expelled from EU and NATO as a reaction to the pro russian policies of Greece as a time of russian de facto war against Europe. Personally do I believe, that Greece deserves trade sanctions instead of any further bailout money as a reaction to the pro rusisan policies of Greece. Seems reasonable to demand an EU wide referendum were a majority of Europes citizens will have to decide if Greece is to be expelled.

  2. We have here in Greece a Prime Minister and are a sovereign state. I suggest that Mr. Schulz keep his opinions to himself and not keep trying to treat Greece as if it was a German colony. Does he also warn Auntie Merkel every time she has a phone call or a visit with Vlad. Personally I would agree to a closer relationship between Greece and Russia.


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