Greek Productive Reconstruction Min: SYRIZA Government Must Be One of Progressive Reversals

lafazanis“Either our government will be a government of huge rifts and progressive reversals or it will not have a future” stated Productive Reconstruction, Greek Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis in an interview with Saturday newspaper Agora.

The minister underlined that the government will not make a single step back from its commitments not for reasons of in-party pressure, but because such a retreat will mean a real “waterloo” for the government and mostly for the country.

Lafazanis said that the “institutions” and mostly the German establishment, face with dogmatic prejudice the government and the country as a half-colony “They are not interested in the context of our proposals but that it comes from a radical left government that wants the country to be independent and to have a progressive course. That’s what bothers them up to hysteria” he said and warned that if the deep conservative and neoliberal Europe continues on the same course and does not change thoroughly it will confront decadence and dissolution.

Referring to his recent visit to Moscow, Lafazanis estimated that it may open a new historic chapter not only in the energy but also in the economic and political relations of Greece and Russia which, as he said, it is possible to be sealed during Tsipras-Putin’s meeting on April 8 in Moscow.

Finally, the minister reiterated that privatizations, particularly of strategic companies and excellent properties will not take place.
(source: ana-mpa)


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