FT: EU Officials Believe Tsipras Must Rid of Left Platform-ANEL

ft-tsipras-320_0Several European Union officials believe that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras must rid of SYRIZA’s leftist platform and the nationalistic coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) in order for negotiations with creditors to have a positive outcome for Greece, according to a Financial Times report.

Alexis Tsipras must choose if he wants to be the prime minister of Greece or the leader of the SYRIZA leftist party, the European officials say. If he wants the former, he must form a coalition with center-left parties To Potami and PASOK.

The euro zone officials who spoke to the Financial Times claim that they don’t want to propose changes to the Greek government, but that they are frustrated with Greece’s stance in the negotiations. They say that the leftists within SYRIZA oppose all measures and reforms Greece’s bailout program entails.

Among the officials who express this opinion are several finance ministers who believe that the Greek government cannot survive with the extreme leftists who represent one-third of SYRIZA and act as if they were the opposition party within SYRIZA. According to the report, the hard leftists can topple the government if they decide to vote against it in parliament.

“We used to be of a more debating society than political party . . . so it is hard to get a system of party discipline up and running. But you have to remember – we’ve been in power less than 100 days,” a SYRIZA official said.

The Financial Times report says that Panagiotis Lafazanis — minister of productive reconstruction, environment and energy — is the leader of the leftist platform and he is as popular as Tsipras within the party. The leftists are very likely to veto reforms European partners want to see implemented.

Despite the fact that Tsipras shows a more moderate profile when in Brussels or Berlin, it is too early for him to risk a conflict with members of his own party.

According to the report, the rightist nationalist Panos Kammenos must go too. The leader of junior coalition party Independent Greeks has repeatedly shown an anti-Europe stance.

Euro zone finance ministers have also expressed their frustration with Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and his lukewarm attitude towards a possible Grexit. His often condescending attitude has alienated most of his counterparts. Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan suggested that Deputy Prime Minister Yiannis Dragasakis should be Greece’s negotiator as he is more pragmatic.


  1. Golden Dawn has always stated that SYRIZA is simply PASOK 2.0 and exists to serve the interests of wealthy Greek oligarchs and foreign banks and corporations. To Potami is a pro-Capitalist political party that was founded in March 2014 by TV presenter Stavros Theodorakis and given mass media coverage by Greek Media Oligarchs.

  2. Greece needs to reform all aspects of its economy fast…
    It needs to abolish permanent employment…contract tax collection to debt collectors..
    Social programs for the poor i.e. housing and minimum payments.
    Abolish funding councils and le them fund themselves through council rates..
    It really needs to reform fast…all aspects from the top down..

  3. “They say that the leftists within SYRIZA oppose all measures and reforms Greece’s bailout program entails.”

    The leftists within Syriza? Syriza is a leftist party. Their MPs are leftists. Their voting base are leftists. Their leader Tsipiras is a life long Marxist that named his own kid Ernesto in honor of communist terrorist Che Chevere for goodness sake. To get rid of Leftists in Syriza would require getting rid of the party.

    I would note many alleged foreign “human rights” groups and major foreign media bizarrely treated Marxist oriented Syriza as our saviors prior to election (including Amnesty International, Open Society, HRW, the Guardian and NY Times… none of whom would support Marxists in their own countries).

    This is because many Greek Marxists are antihellenic (part of their comrade anti-nationalist ideology). Syriza’s foreign supporters (including far right VMRO supporters in Skopje) saw such leftists “Greeks” as easily manipulated into supporting them on their own national foreign policy. All foreign nationalists needed to do is just throw the words “human rights’ and “minorities” into a sentence and our leftists immediate take the opposite side of Greece (so they can show everyone we are all “comrades”)

    And now that Syriza is elected… the same foreigners don’t want Syriza! The reason for this is Syriza are so naive they actually believed all BS rhetoric by their alleged comrades being pawned as “human rights”. Now that their “comrades” have suddenly done an about face and have become fiscally right wing… Syriza’s supporters are confused.; They foolishly believed their alleged foreign comrades would run to their rescue.

    The part that our leftists simply don’t get is no matter whom Greeks vote for many foreigners are still going to hate Greeks. What many foreign nationalists really want from Greeks is simply to do their exact bidding… which amounts sell off our entire country, flood it with illegals, and delete our very identity. (aka ethnic cleansing).

    The sooner leftist Greeks wake up to reality of what many of our alleged “allies” are trying to do to Greece, the sooner we can unite as people again against a common foe (those trying to destroy Greece)

  4. Not everything GD says is wrong but the leadership are ogres that muddled fascism with defense of our country. We can be patriots without being racist towards others. We can defend our country without destroying our democracy.

    Given the behavior of our alleged “allies” around Skopje issue, we definitely need more hardline nationalism but GD is not the way to go about it.

  5. “Alexis Tsipras must choose if he wants to be the prime minister of
    Greece or the leader of the SYRIZA leftist party, the European officials

    Translation… anyone that is elected democratically by Greece must choose if they are the prime minister of Greece or our marionette.

    Foreign “human rights” groups and media were having a lovefest with our antihellenic leftists while patriot Samaras was in power. The New York Times and Guardian boasted in story after story how only Syriza could save Greeks. Apparently communists, mass illegal immigration and committing ethnic suicide so foreign bigots can their hide mistake of supporting Skopje is going “save” Greeks.

    It’s darkly amusing watching our leftists alleged foreign comrades now condemning them after our leftists tried so hard to fit in with them by betraying the rest of us (the “bad” Greeks) Being unprincipled collectivists the cracks in allegedly united left Syriza are starting to show. The factions…

    a. Greek liberals.

    Idiotically used to vote for Pasok. Last election idiotically vote for Marxists. These can be trusted to mostly distance themselves from Syriza. Trust liberal Greeks to jump ship on any issue eventually to fit in with foreigners — especially American foreign policy (why they can’t be trusted on Skopje issue since it’s a given Greek liberals will eventually buckle to fit in). Only a matter of time till you see Greek liberal journalists writing articles in foreign media condemning Syriza as unreasonable, anti-american, anti-German…blah blah. Its funny watching liberal Greeks pretend they had nothing to do with Syriza when they very well know they helped put formally fringe Syriza into power on platform they would exit bail out.

    b. Greek socialists… aka Pasok.

    Ex-Pasokers are actually the largest segment of Syriza but act like they didn’t have anything to do with Pasok. Greek socialists think voting for a different party with the same policies as old Pasok represents “change”. (meanwhile it was Pasok that actually changed by having the sense to support cuts)

    The socialists will be divided. The biggest difference between them and liberals is that Greek socialists aren’t as tried to American foreign policy and sound like commies. Most of them are sympathetic to communism but aren’t communists. Some will stick with Syria hardline of exit bailout. However.. Greek socialists are leftists after all. An unfortunate attribute of virtually all leftists is desire to fit in at any cost (including their own alleged principles). So some the some ex-Pasok can also be trusted to jump ship on Syriza hardline positions.

    c. The actually communists.

    These are the leadership roles. The core parties of Syriza not the leftist bandwagon jumpers that elected Syriza to spite their former lover Pasok. Che Tsipiras is one of them. Euro-communist that actually wants Euro-communism. This is situation is much like Pasok except some of them have loyalties to transnational communism… whereas others are soft communists that care more about fitting in with foreigners so can be expected to change positions so we can all be comrades.

    My prediction as to what Syriza is going to end up doing. Syriza will not officially exit the bail out and straight default as they promised their voters but they won’t follow all the terms of the memorandum either. They are going to try and nickle and dime violate the agreement . An unprincipled position but how Syriza gained power. Trying to fit in with everyone… the motif of Syriza. The ultimate collectivists.

    Thus the real question is how will other EU members react to this? Will they let comrade Tsipiras nickle and dime them? Can they withstand an ongoing Marxist circus side show? The rational answer would be play along. Sure it would cost the EU billions extra but not hundreds of billions (the cost if Greece straight out defaulted). It would also keep EU intact.

    However, this isn’t just about what’s economically and politically rational. There are lots of foreign nationalists that are consciously trying to hurt Greeks for taking their money. Of course the same sorts tend to develop amnesia when it comes to noticing their own behavior over Macedonia issue these last 20 years.


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