Greek Doctors Remove Giant Tumor from 5-year-old Girl

larissa-tumorA five-year-old girl from Greece who had been considered chubby most of her life was transferred to the pediatric surgery clinic of the General Hospital in Larissa, central Greece with a swollen abdomen and intense difficulty breathing and vomiting.

Doctors rushed to perform an MRI revealing that the small girl had giant tumor (4kg) in her abdomen stretching from her liver to her bladder.

This was the first time doctors had faced such a tumor and with no precedent in medical books. Doctors operated on the young girl and were able to remove the entire tumor, without damaging her gallbladder. Furthermore, they also had to use implants to fill the empty space left in her abdomen. On April 1 the young healthy girl was released from the hospital.

The Greek-Cypriot pediatric Surgery Clinic director, Andreas Markou described the girl’s case to Greek media, as well as what occurred on the operating table.

“This was a rare cystic tumor. The five-year-old child had a swollen abdomen, disproportionate to her age, which caused respiratory problems due to the elevation of the diaphragm and pressure on the lungs. She also had difficulty moving due to the tumor’s weight. The young girl left the hospital without a swollen abdomen, and 4kg lighter in extremely good health,” he said.