Varoufakis after Lagarde Meeting: ‘Greece Will Pay All Creditors Including IMF’


Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Greece will pay all its creditors, including the upcoming International Monetary Fund loan repayment, as he was exiting a meeting with IMF managing director Cristine Lagarde in Washington, DC on Sunday April 5.

Greece faces a deadline to repay a €450m loan to the International Monetary Fund on April 9th, and many sources had speculated that the crisis-hit country won’t be able to pay the installment.

“Greece was a founding member of Bretton Woods institutions,” the Greek Finance Chief noted to reporters outside the IMF.

Christine Lagarde made the following statement after the meeting: “Minister Varoufakis and I exchanged views on current developments and we both agreed that effective cooperation is in everyone’s interest. We noted that continuing uncertainty is not in Greece’s interest and I welcomed confirmation by the Minister that payment owing to the Fund would be forthcoming on April 9th.”

“I expressed my appreciation for the Minister’s commitment to improve the technical teams’ ability to work with the authorities to conduct the necessary due diligence in Athens, and to enhance the policy discussions with the teams in Brussels, both of which will resume promptly on Monday. I reiterated that the Fund remains committed to work together with the authorities to help Greece return to a sustainable path of growth and employment.”

The Greek finance minister traveled to Washington, DC to hold an informal discussion on the Greek government’s reform program with the IMF’s managing director, Christine Lagarde. The Varoufakis-Lagarde meeting started at 6.15 pm on Sunday and lasted for two hours.

The Greek Finance minister is also scheduled to meet with President Obama’s top economic and national security adviser Caroline Atkinson on Monday.


  1. Another example of SYRIZA’s Marxist Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis pledging total submission to the IMF, and the Troika. SYRIZA promised the Hellenic people that they would tear up the “bailout memorandum” and expel the Troika if they were elected to govern Greece. Today, all of Greece, and the entire world can see that this was a lie. SYRIZA is now pledging to continue with the bailout program, to make full repayments to the IMF, and is fulfilling the Troika’s demands to the letter. There is ONLY one political party in Greece, Golden Dawn, which promises to tear up the bailout memorandum and cease all cooperation with the Troika bureaucrats. Soon, God willing, the Hellenic people will abandon SYRIZA which betrayed them, and give their backing to the Golden Dawn political movement.

  2. Better to live poor but with dignity. Better to build a sound foundation for a future than expect other nations to save us. Of course that would require us to think in terms of needs of our country not only ourselves. Principles and a little patriotism rather than the anti-nationalist selfishness leftist’s pawn off as altruistic.

    Syriza isn’t the main problem with Greece. It’s the millions of shameless leftist vultures that support them that are the problem. Prior to Syriza these same leftists were voting for Pasok but changed parties because Pasok stop offering them handouts (today they pretend they had nothing to do with Pasok). And when not in power, its no secret many of our leftists terrorize our streets with riots and senseless general strikes to extort money from our government. Even their current shameless whining demands for other nations to fund our lifestyle undermines our country. All Greek leftists can think about is how to scam money from others that they themselves did not earn.

    What needs to primarily change isn’t our government, it’s the attitudes of millions of shameless far leftist vultures that support the same policies over and over and over again. Nothing will change for Greece for as long as we are a nation of parasites rather than producers.


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