Greek Govt Dismisses Speculation Over Snap Elections


The Greek government has dismissed media reports earlier today that it was considering calling snap elections. “Once again election scenarios have surfaced. The best answer to those is the popular mandate the government enjoys,” an unnamed Greek government official said according to Reuters, adding that “we continue to seek a mutually beneficial solution [with our creditors], respecting the people’s mandate.”

German tabloid Bild reported on Monday that some Greek government members were looking at new elections. Quoting Greek sources close to the SYRIZA-led government, the German tabloid said that a re-election could get the leftist governing party absolute majority, which would act as a further backing against Brussels. “We have nothing to lose. If the European Union plays hard, we must show that we stand firm. The Greek population is behind us,” an unnamed Greek Minister reportedly told the German tabloid.

On his behalf though, European Parliament Vice President Alexander Graf Lambsdorff highlighted that “a new election would in fact be a referendum on the fate of the euro. If SYRIZA would be re-elected, then the Grexit is there.”