Greek Govt to Supply Syrian Refugees With Travel Documents


The Greek government’s decision to provide Syrian refugees with travel documents as soon as possible in order to be able to travel to any European country they want, announced government spokesperson Gavriil Sakellaridis after a biministerial meeting held earlier today under Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The meeting also decided the development of settlements and infrastructure in which migrants would undergo medical examination in order to ensure that the necessary health and safety standards are met. Moreover, Sakellaridis also explained that the newcomers will be transferred to reception centers in Western Greece, where they will be hosted until a permanent solution is found.

“There is an increased flow of refugees. This is confirmed by the fact that at the same time there is an increased number of refugees in Italy too,” the Greek government spokesperson said, adding that “their motivation is not economic deprivation but the immediate risk of losing their life.”


  1. So the Greek government has not heard about the Dublin agreement, signed by EU member states including Greece?. According to the agreement asylum seekers should apply for asylum in the first EU country they arrive to.

  2. Greece knows very well about the Dublin Agreement as do other European countries. Unfortunately, Greece squandered, lost or left unclaimed, millions of euros given to put in place a proper immigration system (for at least in the 10 years before the crisis). Lack of will or caring (and in some cases, corruption and theft) has meant this was never done. Things have got so bad here that some European countries are refusing to send immigrants back here even though they legally can. There is little chance that people coming to Greece can get asylum, refugee status or legal travel papers as there is no system in place. Deportation is almost impossible too due to lack of coordinated effort. Blaming the people coming here or even blaming the current government is dishonest and deceitful. Previous governments did nothing for years. The question is what does Greece do now to put right more than a decade of neglect of the situation?

  3. Someone will have to pick the olives. Since the kiddies refuse to “lower” themselves to actually working while others are leaving the country to find a future does it surprise anyone that “migrants” are flooding the border.

  4. What does Greece do now to put right more than a decade of neglect of the situation? Vote Golden Dawn into power, that’s what Greece needs to do, and the illegal immigration problem will be solved.

    Golden Dawn will deploy the necessary police and military resources to rapidly round up and deport ALL illegal immigrants back to their nations of origin, together with any offspring they may have had during their time in Greece.
    The Greek military will be deployed to stop 3rd world foreigners from crossing illegaly into Greece, and minefields will be laid along the Greek border with Turkey in Thrace with clear danger MINEFIELD DO NOT ENTER signs. Any illegal 3rd worlder that ignored these signs and chose to enter the minefield would be liable for their own death or injury if they stepped on a landmine. Any 3rd worlder from war torn Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, etc who enters Turkey, and then tries to enter Greece via Turkey can not legitimately claim refugee status, as there is no war going on in Turkey. They are simply economic migrants. It is also worth mentioning that 3rd world foreigners would for the most part avoid trying to illegaly enter a Golden Dawn governed Greece.

  5. We all know you are Golden Dawn’s number one fan but the majority of people here do not want these extremists running Greece. Mines on the border? Could you live with the killing and maiming of your fellow human beings, simply because they want to come to Europe? What about using the EU money to put an immigration system in place? From asylum seekers, refugee shelters, travel papers where appropriate or deportation. Stop squandering, stealing or not claiming that money! This is the result of a decade at least of negligence and corruption. Greece needs to move forward from here.

  6. Greek Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis explained that the refugee waves from Syria are increasing, with a 130% surge documented in the first three months. Moreover, the Greek Interior Minister did not rule out the possibility of an even greater increase in the above figures, while there are about 2.5 million refugees in Turkey at the moment, awaiting to cross the Aegean Sea, 1.2 million in Jordan and a total of 4.5 million in various Mediterranean shores, trying to make it over to Europe.

    Clearly this presents a threat to Greek national security. It is even more clear that Golden Dawn is the only political party in Greece with the willpower and the motivation to solve this grave illegal immigration problem.

  7. It is strange that they are all men obviously women do not fear losing their lives. These refugees looking to safeguard their lives will have a much better chance at achieving success by being allowed to travel to the wealthiest European countries who can offer them the best opportunities in life and safety and welfare, move on.

  8. If their fellow Muslims have no mercy or sympathy for them how can they expect it elsewhere, Muslim against Muslim they should know better.


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