Greek House Speaker Threatens Gas Station Attendant for Not Reparing Tire

zwh-konstantopoulouGreek House Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou allegedly threatened a gas station attendant that she will ask his employer to fire him because he said he could not replace her flat tire.

The incident took place at a gas station in Edipsos on Easter Sunday. Mrs. Konstantopoulou allegedly asked the attendant to change her tire and he claimed that he doesn’t change tires because the gas station does not have the necessary tools. The house speaker then asked for his identification and told him to call his employer. She threatened that she will ask his boss to fire him for refusing to change her tire.

According to Nikos Alatsatianos, the gas station attendant, Mrs. Konstantopoulou returned on Monday and demanded again that her tire be replaced. Mr. Alatsatianos repeated that he doesn’t have the appropriate tools.

Two women who had stopped at the gas station took pictures and filmed the incident with their cell phones. Mrs. Konstantopoulou allegedly asked them to erase the material and allegedly opened the door to their car and took the two cell phones from their hands to verify that they indeed erased the pictures and video. Allegedly she threatened them saying that it is illegal to take pictures of someone without their approval.

Valia Panagiotidou, the woman who was a witness to the incident, posted a comment on facebook. Mr. Alatsatianos also posted on the social network. Mrs. Panagiotidou also gave an interview to Efimerida daily where she described the incident minute by minute. She also said that Mrs. Konstantopoulou was furious during the incident and she kept repeating to everyone “Do you know who I am?” The witness also said that she is afraid because Mrs. Konstantopoulou is a high government official and she received many negative comments after her post on facebook.

The facebook post regarding the incident has been removed from Mrs. Panagiotidou’s wall.