Greece’s Government: ‘Molon Labe’


An high-ranking official close to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the Greek government is not planing to give in to its creditors’ pressures and go against the program they had promised to the Greek people who brought them to power.

Greece’s creditors — the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund — are asking for reforms that will bring more austerity to the country that already has more than half of its youth unemployed. The creditors are also asking for heavier taxation in sales, pension cuts up to 15% and cuts in public sector workers’ salaries, the government official said.

The official told that the government is not even thinking to resign, noting that “if they want, let them try to overthrow us.”

The Greek government seems prepared to collide with creditors as negotiations continue to stall. The Greek side insists on the “red lines” it has drawn on certain measures while creditors insist that Athens should proceed with required reforms before any further financial aid is released. Thereby an agreement seems unlikely.

According to Greek government sources, creditors have declined most of the measures proposed by Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis without offering any alternatives or making counter-proposals.

“They rejected the bill against first-residence auctions (for debtors). We asked them: ‘What do you propose instead?’ We got no answer. The same applies to all items on the Varoufakis list they rejected. They reject our proposals but they don’t make their own proposals,” the Greek official said to

According to the same source, European partners have decided to push the Greek government to the wall until state coffers are empty and then drag the country to a deal under the threat of bankruptcy. “They know exactly how big our bank reserves are and when we are going to run out of liquidity. That’s what they are aiming at. They want to lead us to asphyxiation so that we cross all our red lines, especially in labor and social security laws, and sign whatever they want us to sign… There is no way we will do that. They should forget it,” he said.

The government official went on to say that the Tsipras administration is not planning a referendum or snap elections. “If they want to overthrow us, they have to do it themselves. We are not going to a referendum or elections… They cannot overthrow us through elections. If you add together the New Democracy, ‘To Potami’ and PASOK votes, they are not enough to overthrow us,” he said.

The Greek government is determined not to back down on pension and labor social security reforms. They are also against the proposed mass layoffs, the raise in value added tax and privatizations.


  1. Greeks should not be divided but united and 11 million Greeks have a big paradise to enjoy and they just need to be organizing the Greek life and society better. That s it. The rest of the time they all should stay in the beach all year around. Debts were mostly a usury and a war on Greece and EU did not sucsede turning Greece to its plantation and Greeks to slaves. It is time for Greece to leave EU,new Egypt and walk but including their land too with them…as a boat which leaves EU titanic

  2. Good on ya Greece. Keep it moving and don’t give in or rollover. Full support from the PEOPLE of Ireland. 🙂

  3. Lighten up Phil. You speak as if you have something to lose. Most of the voters who voted Syriza in have nothing to lose. Maybe you have already left Greece. Part of the brain drain that abandoned the country already. Your fanatical tirades are making me sick.

  4. According to Phil he witnessed the Civil war so he must be at least 80 so cut him some slack it must be hard keeping a track of things in Greece from his retirement home in the states

  5. I seem to recall during the civil war the Marxists betrayed their own country to Skopje. Seems like some of the treasonous “Greek” left are now looking for a repeat by voting for communists.

  6. “I think they will need to draw a line in the sand and develop an equitable tax system”

    What is precisely inequitable about Greece’s current tax system? (other than many Greeks, in particular in the the middle class, see taxes as optional) You do realize Greece has higher taxes than some other EU nations that are doing just fine right?

    As for your ISM point.. sorry it is revetment. Allegedly “moderate” leftists in Greece are voting for extreme of COMMUNISM.

  7. “Phil I am not now nore have I ever been a communist I support Syriza”

    You can make all the narrations you like. In the end you voted for a communist. Imagine if the rest of Greeks have voted for a fascists then claimed not to be fascists. Leftists would be up in arms.

  8. “I have no idea Phil and I had no idea how they were going to be paid before the election either”

    In otherwords, like the rest of Greek leftitsts, you senselessly complained about Samaras without actually having a plan yourself. Do you understand such irrational behavior destabilizes our country? That it pointlessly created conflict between us rather than unity?

  9. “Your fanatical tirades are making me sick.”

    A person that supports a COMMUNIST lecturing about fanaticism. Rich.

  10. Who doesn’t get free education in Greece now? At last check its still universal. As for health care, I agree in universal health care — with the caveat we can afford to pay it.

    The part our leftists fail to understand is our economy doesn’t produce enough to pay for all the frills they demand from the government. They ant to live like Germans but don’t produce like Germans. Instead of living within their means they shamelessly point fingers at everyone else for their mistery and poverty.

    In a democracy. the number one person to blame for poverty is to be found in the mirror. The number one person to fix that poverty is to be found in the mirror. Waiting around for a handful of politicians to fix the lives of millions of Greeks is absurd.

  11. “I would love to try Communism to see for myself if it works or it doesnt.”

    Yes. It’s pretty obvious considering you support communists. And would you love to try fascism too?

    “Samaras did not abandon the population”

    Samaras is a patriot that loves Greece a thousand fold more than any Leftists. A leftist loyalities are to their leftist ideology not hellenism.

    “That my friend is democracy ”

    No it isn’t comrade. Like a typical leftist you twist the word democracy to mean a synonym for your leftist ideology. Democracy is the sum total of everyone’s views — including those we don’t agree with..

    “I for one am happy with the government currently representing Greece:”

    Indeed. All the leftist fanatics that voted for Marxists are pleased with their decision. Lets see how they feel about Syriza if doesn’t back off its shameless demands to spend EU money and EU retaliates by ending the flow of funds to Greece. Who are our commies going to blame when our economy continues its downwards descent after beginning to recover under Samaras? The wealthy Illuminati “banksters”? Germans? Aliens?

    The far leftist moron class fail to understand the private sector they attack is the chief engine behind any economy. Destroy that… and we destroy the means to feed ourselves.