Police, Anti-establishment Rioters Clash in Downtown Athens

    Rioters Clash in Central AthensViolent incidents involving anti-establishment rioters and Greek Police broke out late on Thursday in downtown Athens, Greece. Hoodie-wearing rioters threw Molotov cocktails and stones against police, who responded with teargas.

    The incidents were sparked when anti-establishment militants tried to enter the Athens University and were repelled by a strong police contingent.

    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. LOL. Now you’re getting it.

      Of course the police were always our protectors. They never stopped being our protectors no matter who was in power. This sort of unprincipled manipulation of words by leftists (irrationally portraying violent rioting far left thugs as “victims”) is what made me realize just how extreme the left in Greece had become (and why I criticize it so loudly today).

      Only a minority of leftists engaged in violence but a large number of them (including in our current government) were effectively cheering them on by not condemning the behavior and irresponsibly using revolutionary rhetoric. (i.e. effectively encouraging Greeks to physically attack other Greeks)

      Alleged moderate “Greek” leftists are behaving so irrational now they support Marxists that consider the treasonous “Greek” communist terrorists of the civil war… “heroes” Those civil war communist thugs literally murdered tens of thousands of Greeks patriots during the civil war on behalf of communist tyranny and IMRO (who tried to annex Macedonia to Vardar Yugoslavia and ethnically delete the Greek people). To this day virtually to a man any “Greek” that treasonously calls the Former Yugoslavians “Macedonians”… leftist.