Two Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Athens After German Request

antitromokratiki (1)The Greek police counter-terrorism unit said on Saturday that they made two arrests in Athens following a request from German authorities.

A counter-terrorism police operation in Germany resulted in nine arrests on April 15. According to German police, the two men, who were residing in Greece, were part of a group that was planning terrorist attacks in Germany.

Greek police officers said that they arrested a 47-year-old German citizen on Wednesday who was wanted by authorities in Germany and France on terrorism charges. He had been convicted to four years in prison by a Paris court in 2011 for being involved in a terrorist group.

The second suspect was arrested on Saturday morning. A 56-year-old Turkish man who has been living in Greece since 1987. Both men were arrested in Athens. No further information was released by police, other than the fact that extradition proceedings for the German citizen began immediately after his arrest.