Golden Dawn Trial Begins Monday in Greece

newego_LARGE_t_1101_54171432Dozens of Greeks linked to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party will go on trial on Monday with charges of participating in a criminal organization.

The highly publicized trial will be held inside a high security prison in Athens and is expected to last for months. Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and 68 others will stand in front of a three-judge panel.

Among the 69 defendants are the vast majority of the party’s MPs, party members and police officers. They will claim that their prosecution, arrest and detention are politically biased. Golden Dawn came third in Greece’s January 25 elections, gathering 6.28% of the total vote, and secured 17 seats in the Greek Parliament.

Most of the accused face charges of membership in a criminal organization, while others are accused of murder, conspiracy to murder, possession of weapons and racist violence, facing sentences of up to 20 years, if convicted.

The investigation lasted 15 months and the state prosecutor’s office has gathered sufficient evidence.  Prosecutors will now try to prove that the openly racist party operated as a criminal organization under a military-style leadership that allegedly encouraged the beating and killing of migrants and political opponents.


  1. Samaras’ phone calls to the Justices as well as taped recordings should prove useful to the defense.

  2. Greek police conducted a thorough nationwide search and found no trace of any arms cache in Golden Dawns possession.

    The Greek police unit that investigates financial crimes, SDOE, concluded that Golden Dawns finances were completely clean. 

    How ridiculous then that Golden Dawn is being put on trial on charges of being a criminal organization. Has anybody ever heard of a criminal organization that doesn’t make money via illegal means, and doesn’t possess caches of illegal weapons?

    Takis Baltakos who served as Chief of Staff to ex-Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was secretly recorded on video confessing that Antonis Samaras ordered the wholesale arrest of Golden Dawn MP’s because he was afraid that the flow of New Democracy voters switching allegiance to Golden Dawn was causing him to lose his lead over SYRIZA. Google: “Samaras close aide resigns over Golden Dawn contacts”

    Nikos Salatas, 1 of the 3 judges tasked with deciding whether or not Golden Dawn should go to trial on charges of being a criminal organization, voted against proceeding to trial on the basis that the evidence presented by the prosecution did not meet the criteria for classifying a group as a criminal organization as specified by the Treaty of Palermo which Greece has ratified.

    The Treaty of Palermo defines a criminal organization as a group that functions to make financial profit via illegal means.

  3. The trial process itself will present the participants with highly complex questions relating to the application of some obscure criminal law concepts, the handling of evidence, and, possibly, the legality of some of the investigatory methods used. Questions have already arisen at the pre-trial stage as to, for example, the legality of some of the arrests (several MP’s were arrested before their parliamentary immunity had been lifted, and paraded in handcuffs before the media which is illegal), the questioning of the suspects, and the interception of the defendants’ telephone communications.

    Committing for trial 69 members of the Golden Dawn party, including all its MPs who sat in the previous parliament, the judicial council decided that the charge should stand, but only with a 2-1 majority ruling.

    The dissenting member of the council, judge Nikos Salatas, opined that the investigation should have revealed a financial gain as an objective of the activity undertaken by the criminal organisation, and that such financial gain had not been established. The dissenting opinion drew upon an international convention ratified by Greece known as the Treaty of Palermo.

  4. This is Great news hopefully they will be found guilty for there crime and we can end a dark chapter in Greece history.

  5. The prosecutions two strongest cases against GD have already collapsed, so you can imagine how the rest will go. I’m referring specifically to the acquittal of GD MP Barbarousis, concerning the case of the smashing of unlicensed stalls operated by illegal immigrants at the market of Messolonghi, and the acquittal of GD MP Ilias Kasidiaris for the Kanelli slap. The greatest irony is that if Golden Dawn is acquitted, (as I believe they will be,) then all the Left wing Marxist types who are clamouring for their conviction will have to digest history recording that the trial which vindicated Golden Dawn commenced on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Think about that scenario.

  6. how are we living in a democracy when Tsipras is bullying and banning other parties? While i do not agree with golden dawn i hardly support Syriza which bans its rivals – Tsipras should be tried for all the pre election lies such as debt haircut and free electricity that he made and never kept – he should be held to the same standards he is holding Syriza otherwise he should be jailed as were the junta, Tsipras is just as bad when it comes to free speech

  7. You are predictable in your short and bitter anti Hellenic statement.
    Guilty for what crimes exactly.Name one.They have not been tried but your quick to condemn.
    On what grounds do you justify this blatent hypocracy.
    If you except this kind of mal justice because you ,for whatever reason dont agree with GD.This same injustice may someday effect you as it would already be accepted.
    You cant pick and choose when to enact the democratic process.

    Darkest hour…not yet it aint.

    Im going to rant now because its always one single defining factor that people hate GD and you fit the bill.

    It wasnt GD who ruined Greece.
    Its not GD interfering in the courts.
    Its not GD who controls the media
    There are no GD members on the Lagarde list.
    Its not GD breaking promises.
    Its not GD stringing Greece along in some pathetic act of defience.
    Its not GD burning people alive in banks causing civil unrest. Burning cars, bins and attacking police.
    Thats your mates doing this.

    Its not GD bombing in the Middle East killing indiscriminitaley in a most vile racist and prolonged attack.Displacing millions of poor souls who are fleeing to save their lives.

    Now, because of America and Isreal’s land grab ,Italy and Greece are meant to cough up and look after as many Illegal immigrants that come..illegaly.Thats right they are ILLEGAL are they not ?

    Let Isreal and America take them in
    The ones who are ethnically cleansing must take full responsibility.
    Where is your outrage regarding this.

    It has been dark a long time, loooong before GD came along and its not GD blocking the sun.
    Its people like you .

    Its always darkest before dawn.And let it be a Golden one at that.