Migrant Who Gave Birth in Sinking Boat Transferred to Athens Hospital

epixeirisi-diasosis-metanaston-sto-agathonisiA woman from Cameroon who gave birth to twins inside a sinking boat carrying illegal migrants to Greece was transferred to an Athens hospital for precautionary reasons.

The woman was among 36 migrants in a dinghy boat rescued by the Greek Coast Guard near the island of Samos. The boat was coming from Turkey and the woman gave birth early Saturday morning while struggling for her life.

The coast guard boat that was patrolling in a joint European operation called “Poseidon 2015” located the dinghy that was beginning to sink. Some of the people were already in the water. During the rescue operation, the 33-old-woman gave birth to two boys.

The mother, the father and the newborns, along with three other women, were carried by a Greek Airforce Puma helicopter to a Samos hospital.

Doctors and medical staff rushed to put the two babies in an incubator and provide first aid to the mother. The newborns weigh 1,800 and 1,820 grams respectively. They were later transferred to an Athens hospital for precautionary reasons.

The remaining 32 migrants on the boat were transferred to Agathonisi by private boat.



  1. Really is this a responsible mother and/or a candidate for citizenship? I suppose the baby’s name will be Dinghy Puma Poseidon (fill in the blank) .

  2. Well, according to SYRIZA, since she had a child in Greece, she will now be eligible for Greek citizenship. Congratulations to her!

  3. really? She is entitled to nothing in Greece. Don’t you understand that? There is no welfare in Greece. No citizenship. No welfare. Stop pushing/pressing lies

  4. Syriza’s Migration Policy Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou has plans to pass a bill that will extend citizenship to non-Greeks who were born in Greece, with Christodoulopoulou stating that it’s our country’s ‘great obligation’.
    Speaking on party radio for SYRIZA, the Minister for Immigration Policy, Tasia Christodoulopoulou said, quote: “SYRIZA is committed to provide the Greek citizenship to all children born and raised in Greece, the so-called second generation immigrants”.

    Perhaps Christodoulopoulou should reconsider her statement, as our ‘great obligation’ is to the Greek people, who are defined by the Hellenic constitution in very clear racial terms. Providing citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants is unconstitutional, and has been rejected by the Council of the Greek state in the recent past. Google: “Greek Council of State declares unconstitutional the 2010 Citizenship Law”
    The forefathers of the Hellenic people did not fight to free Greece from Ottoman imperialists so that Marxists like Tasia Christodoulopoulou could simply hand Greece away to whoever decides to illegally invade Greece.

  5. Im sorry to tell you that this new government wants to open reception centers for them all,nice centers,to feed them,to teach them Greek,to house them and give them all medical care,even though they are illegally in the country,and all of this will be paid for by the Greek people who themselves have no health care if unemployed,no money and are receiving no housing help….in fact thousands have committed suicide after 8 years of hell.Oh yes,they are to be given travel passes as well,can you believe it?Time for elections I think.