Progress in Greece’s Negotiation with Creditors

BRUSSELS_2_496_355There are signs of positive developments in the negotiations between Greece and creditors’ representatives that started again yesterday in Paris.

The Greek government’s aim to achieve a primary surplus of 1.2% in 2015 seems to be accepted by creditors. Furthermore, an emergency Euro Working Group (EWG) session via teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday in order to discuss the Greek issue. This is progress ahead of the April 24 Eurogroup, according to a source close to the Greek side.

In Saturday’s meeting the two sides discussed macroeconomics, fiscal projections and the primary surplus. The Greek side insisted on a 1.2% primary surplus, something that the other side seems willing to accept, or a number close to it in worst case scenario, according to the source.

In Sunday’s meeting the Brussels Group discussed labor law and social security issues.

The source told Greek television that the two sides were cooperative and convened with the common goal to find a middle ground in negotiations and come to an honest compromise that will benefit and satisfy both. He also expressed his optimism that there might be an agreement in the April 24 Eurogroup.


  1. Heck if they come to an agreement acceptable to the right wingnut EU. does that make SYRIZA a near left instead of far left party?

  2. Unlikely media always adds Far left or extreme Left when they mention Syriza
    Where is Phil he will serve up a collection of isms and comrades and remind us all about the Russian revolution