Tragedy with 200 Migrants Leaves 3 Dead in Rhodes

The Mediterranean has once again been turned into an underwater grave for at least three migrants. According to local media reports, a boat arrived on the Greek island of Rhodes earlier this morning, carrying more than 200 illegal migrants.

The boat hit a reef at Zephyros beach in Rhodes and the migrants started to flee to the shore, jumping into the sea, without waiting for help.

Rhodes_migrantsIt is estimated that around 200 people started swimming to the shore, however their action resulted in the death of a man, a woman and a child.

This peculiar incident has left local residents and hundreds of tourists speechless. A crowd gathered near the beach, watching from a distance, as Greek police and coast guard officers rushed to the scene to help the migrants reach the shore safely.

According to preliminary information released by the authorities, the boat sailed from the coast of Turkey. The smuggler abandoned the migrants in the middle of the sea, however, they still managed to reach Rhodes.


  1. as greece is about to default, hundreds of muslims decide to make their way into the country


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