ND Leader Samaras: ‘The Government Has Fooled Society’

samarasThe Greek government has fooled society and Greece is facing a dead-end, main opposition leader Antonis Samaras told a private broadcaster on Wednesday.
“We’re at a dead-end; the government has fooled society. At this point it has to clash either with our creditors, or with itself,” the leader of New Democracy (ND) told Mega TV.
He said the people’s mandate was to avoid a Grexit, but that uncertainty has returned after the elections. “If the government doesn’t pay what it owes to the ECB and the IMF the possibility of a Grexit returns,” he said.

Samaras strongly criticized the government on a number of issues, including the economy, migration, public order and especially on the way it handled the issue of convicted terrorist Savvas Xiros, saying it jeopardized the country’s relations with the United States which is the only power supporting the country in its negotiations with its lenders.

He also said that since the February 20 agreement, the government has not tabled any proposals.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. The Orthodox Christian, right wing conservative voters who supported the vanishing New Democracy party will either flock to ANEL or Golden Dawn. ANEL is now in bed with the radical leftist SYRIZA loonies, so it won’t be viewed with great favour by ex-ND voters, most of whom will therefore flock to the ranks of Golden Dawn. The rapid demise of New Democracy is opening a vacuum in Greek politics that can only benefit a genuine nationalist party like Golden Dawn.

  2. “WAS GRANTED A NINE-DAY FURLOUGH on January 1st 2014”

    Samaras would never support anything that would allow Marxist terrorists to escape prison. It was a stupid existing law that shouldn’t have been there.(my guess put there by some prior socialist government but I’m not 100 percent sure) Samaras was busy trying to deal with riots, cuts and negotiating debts. He hardly had time to deal with every last detail of the Greek legal system.

    Tspiras on the other hand is actively trying to pass a bill that releases Marxist murderers while Greeks go hungry. Apparently releasing Marxists terrorists is a high agenda issue for our leftists.

  3. YOU wrote: “Samaras was busy trying to deal with riots, cuts and negotiating debts. He hardly had time to deal with every last detail of the Greek legal system.”

    REALLY? You seem to forget that Antonis Samaras’s Chief of Staff, Takis Baltakos was secretly recorded on video admitting that Antonis Samaras ordered the arrests of Golden Dawn MP’s as a means of removing Golden Dawn from the political landscape because they were cutting into his voter base.

    If that’s not enough for you, Samaras accidentally admitted on national TV that he phoned Judicial officials and ordered them to keep GD MP’s in prison, and there is also the much hushed incident where the Prime Minister’s phoneline was tapped and he can be heard ordering a judicial official to instruct Chief Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos to “f*ck 3 Golden Dawn MP’s,” so don’t try to tell us Samaras hasn’t got the time to deal with details of the Greek legal system.

    A quick search on You Tube for the videos, “Samaras’s Confession”, “Samaras Ordered Golden Dawn Detainment!” and “Baltakos Gate” shows that when it benefited Samaras personally, he didn’t hesitate to involve himself in legal details, albeit illegally.

  4. New Democracy is an ultra corrupt, phony right wing, pseudo conservative party.

    Face reality, New Democracy will NEVER AGAIN govern Greece. They will splinter and disintegrate. New Democracy conducted its own survey recently and found that their support was down to 12% , most other polling agencies have New Democracy hovering between 17% – 19% down from the 29.7% they scored at the January 2015 National elections.

    As SYRIZA Leader and Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras stated in Greek parliament, “New Democracy is dead, if SYRIZA fails, Golden Dawn will govern next.” You and anyone else can view Tsipras making this statement on You Tube by searching for the video titled, “Τσίπρας: Η Νέα Δημοκρατία πέθανε, έρχεται η Χρυσή Αυγή!”

  5. Golden Dawn never rose to power to have a demise. Its already climaxed polically and started to disappear.

    Do you have a cutoff date for when GD’s glorious take over is supposed to happen? Or are you planning for going on for the rest of your life about how its about to take over?

    Again.. the only thing parties like GD and ANEL achieved is split vote to give chance for communists to win. Neither GD, ANEL, or Syriza will end cuts they complained about with empty words. It takes a focus on private sector to create wealth… which none of these parties do.

  6. Antonis Samaras is corrupt, when his son was caught cheating in an exam, the teacher who caught him was fired from a job that she had dedicated 21 years of her life to. The President of the College where Antonis Samaras’s son was caught cheating is Antonis Samaras’s brother Alexander Samaras. Google, “Teacher Fired for failing Greek PM’s son”

  7. Samaras appropriately fired him

    I think GD supporters should spend far more time looking at the behavior of GD’s Nazi loving leadership before questioning Samaras ethics and patriotism.

  8. Three is no credible evidence Samaras is corruptm. What the extreme left and right do is twist facts and resort to embellishment to demonize him (the leftist even ridiculously slander him as “fascist”). This speaks far more about the lack of ethics among many of our far left and far right than Samaras.

  9. “Golden Dawn emerged as the 3rd most popular political party in Greece at the January 2015 National election”

    Only because the vote has been splintered among many parties. In practice the 388,447got this election was substantially less then last election’s 426,025. For all your talk about ND disappearing it still has three times the number of supporters as GD. (i.e. ND is far more popular than GD among Greeks)

    Again.. all GD and ANEL have achieved is split a united right under ND. ANEL, that claims to be “right” has made a ridiculous alliance with communists. GD has moved towards fascism. This is precisely what has given formerly fringe Marxist fanatics the opportunity to win election.

    The continued existence of ANEL and GD work in Syriza’s favour. Syriza will continue indefinitely to win elections for as long as ANEL and GD split vote (while leftists hammer nails in Greece’s coffin).


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