Controversial Act of Parliament Passes on Ruling Coalition Vote Amid Stiff Opposition

vouli1_13Greek Parliament on Friday passed on ruling coalition votes a controversial parliamentary act obliging cities and state-related entities to transfer the majority of their liquid assets to Greece’s central bank for use by the government.

The act, which exempts health and pension funds, unleashed a fury of opposition that included verbal abuse and heavy charges of wasting valuable time while the economy was worsening.

Ruling coalition parties Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) and Independent Greeks (ANEL) passed the act under emergency voting procedures with 156 votes.

A total of 260 deputies took part in the roll-call vote (in principle and on article 1), as proposed by main opposition New Democracy and Communist Party of Greece (KKE). Voting down the act were 104 deputies of ND, Potami, Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi), KKE and PASOK.
(source: ana-mpa)


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