Greek PM Commits to Unbind Greek Regions’ Reserves

Union of Greek RegionsGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has made a political commitment to proceed as soon as possible to change the legislative act binding the Greek Regions and Municipalities’ cash, to the Union of Greek Regions representatives during a meeting on Saturday, April 25.

The president of the Union of Greek Regions Constantinos Agorastos said after the meeting that the regional governors received from the prime minister the political reassurance that the measure to turn over the majority of their liquid assets to the central bank for use by the government is provisional and that in a reasonable period of time it will become optional through an amendment. Agorastos underlined that Tsipras spoke honestly adding “we are here for the national effort.” The Prime Minister will meet on Tuesday with Attica regional governor Rena Dourou that is currently abroad

PM Tsipras: Europe considers migration an issue of huge importance

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday referred to the migration issue underlining that it is one of the most important issues that concerns Europe and unfortunately it burdens, as he said, the reception countries more than other countries.

Tsipras upon the arrival of the regional governors at the Maximos mansion for a meeting also said that in the southern Aegean and in Evros region there is less inflow of migrants because EU focuses mostly on the southern Mediterranean on the Libyan side and asked EU to also focus on the eastern Aegean.