Greek Foreign Minister: Do They Want to Support or Punish Us?

kotzias Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias set the dilemma “Do they want to support us to have growth… or do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece, and create an example of what happens to a country that has a leftist government?” Kotzias said to Reuters.

Kotzias also clarified that he respects Germany but not German politics nor the way Berlin views Greece’s economy, which faces the prospect of running out of money if it cannot agree to new bailout terms with creditors.

Kotzias said Greece and its Eurozone partners need to compromise on creating policies that foster growth and allow the country to pay its debts. Questioned if he is simply asking for the rest of Europe to trust Greece, he said: “No, to be pragmatic. Trust is a very important thing but they have to be pragmatic. It is like a game of chicken, but not the kind of game you know. What our friends are forgetting is that we don’t have gas to move… We want to come back to compromising and at the end we will do it,” Kotzias said, adding “So you are not giving a solution to Greece, you press the Greek government? What can be the solution? Golden Dawn is coming. Nobody has an interest in that, so that is why they will find a solution,” he said. Referring to the cooperation with Russia on the construction of a natural gas pipeline that passes through Turkey, Greece, FYROM, Serbia and then into Hungary, and perhaps include Austria, he said that a technical group will meet in May to discuss financing and logistics for the pipeline.

According to a Russian calculation, an investment in the Greek portion of the pipeline could be between $2 billion and $2.5 billion, Kotzias said, stressing that western companies and banks, rather than the Russian government, will fund the pipeline’s construction under EU rules.

As for money Greece might collect as an advance for future profits from the pipeline’s operations, Kotzias said the Russians told Greece it was a figure close to what Bulgaria would have earned from South Stream. “I’m not very sure exactly, but it is about $5 billion,” Kotzias said.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Punish dah. And it’s not just about our debt mess.

    Why does the moron class in Greece think most foreigners downplay Skopje’s identity quick change into founders of Hellensitic period and irredentism? Because they love and support Greeks? Many of them are now literally trying to subtly ethnically erase us vis-a-vis denying our identity as “real” Greeks.

    In some ways I can hardly blame them though. With so many rocket scientists in Greece (the majority of “Greeks” now cheering on Marxists) it’s pretty hard to make an association with the brilliance of ancient Greeks

  2. I agree with your point it’s Greece’s fault but strongly disagree with your assurance EU wants to help Greece. I think they want to help their own countries not Greece.

    Had that not been the case our alleged EU “allies” would have been condemning Skopje’s use of the term “Macedonia” rather that ridiculously repeatedly recommending authoritarian VMRO for ascension. People don’t need to be history experts to observe former Yugoslavians turning into founders of the Hellensitc period and their accompanying irredentism.

  3. “everybody, with half a brain, knows has been self- inflicted:”

    Everyone with half a brain also knows WW2 was Germany’s fault. Germans didn’t seem to mind when they had the biggest inflation adjusted debt write off in European history post WW2.. directly after they just finished trying to kill us all. Bild goes on and on about Greece meeting its commitments. Well what about German commitments to everyone else then? Writeoff is OK for giant Germany but the funds to do so aren’t available for tiny Greece?

    Our primary surplus is what describes our actual output so the EU is absolutely right to oppose increase in spending (Our Marxists are idiots) However the EU are dead wrong to oppose debt reduction. With Greece’s economy in state it is, massive debt load continuing to grow, default is going to come sooner or later. A controlled default makes far more sense than a messy one but logic isn’t running the EU at the moment. Many are consciously trying to hurt Greeks under the guise of “helping” us.

  4. I’m Greek and I’ve always preferred Samaras.

    Marxist Syriza use cheap recycled cold war speeches to get desperate gullible voters to support them. They are basically the leftist version of Golden Dawn. Irresponsible populists that promise lavish spending and look for scapegoats for Greece’s complex economic problems. They blame everyone but themselves for their own hardship

    The part far right and far left extremists don’t get is that austerity is here to stay. It’s not a choice. We can’t vote ourselves out of it. General strike and rioting against the man will not end it. Commie and fascist propaganda speeches won’t end it. The only thing that can end cuts is Greeks finally focusing on the private sector to produce something so that we can better fund our public sector.

    We are not in short supply of shameless self-righteous whiners that demand handouts from foreign taxpayers and creditors. What we are lacking is thinkers that can produce goods and services in demand on global markets.

  5. Bottom line Phil,
    In words of one syllable, are you saying that the people of Greece should be given a monetary gift, not a loan, from the people of the EU and if you are how much do you think the gift should be?


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