Greek Govt Vice President: Financial Chokehold is Applied Deliberately

dragasakis The liquidity problem is a “result of past settlements,” stated to the Sunday edition of “Avghi” newspaper Greek government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis, adding that the cash reserves’ impasse in February and March was faced with the intensification of revenues and shifting of payments, however, this cannot continue because it creates conditions of recession.

“If this happens, we may be obliged to undertake measures that we are currently trying to avoid and this is something few people would wish for. That is why tackling the liquidity problem must become part of the negotiation and the solution. This danger is currently reversible, provided that there will be cooperation of the European institutions and even more acceleration, intensification and coordination of the government’s actions,” the Greek government Vice President said.

Dragasakis estimated that the problem intensified due to the European Central Bank’s restriction measures and the imported uncertainty, adding that “a practice of financial chokehold is applied deliberately” and underlined that if the issue is not faced jointly with the institutions, “the smooth facilitation of the country’s external obligations will become more and more against the Greek people’s survival.” He also noted that the continuous uncertainty is not of anyone’s interest and that work should be done for an agreement based on the spirit of the February 20 Eurogroup and not to return to the 5th evaluation of the Memorandum. “There is a clear prospect as well as an imperative need to complete the transition agreement in the first days of May, if not in the last days of April.”

(source: ana-mpa)