Greek PM Tsipras Meets with Distomo Massacre Survivor


A meeting with the man who shocked the German public opinion with his narration of what the Nazis did in the village of Distomo, Greece, in June 10, 1944, held Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday. Argyris Sfountouris, a survivor of the Distomo massacre, was four years old when his father and thirty of his relatives were executed by the German occupation forces. For the last twenty years he has been waiting for justice to be delivered. His story became widely known after he appeared on a satirical program of German ZDF television network. He is currently in Athens where he will address an event at the Armed Forces Officers Club tonight.

Who is Argyris Sfountouris

Argyris Sfountouris was born in Distomo, in 1940. In April 1941 the German Wehrmacht invaded Greece. As a result of the occupation, a devastating famine ravaged the country, particularly the cities. However, farming families in villages far away from the cities managed to get by. But on June 10, 1944, Distomo was seized. After the soldiers of a German SS special division had blocked off all access to the village, a so-called retaliatory measure was initiated: to avenge a few fellow-soldiers who had died in a fight with Greek partisans near a neighboring village, the German soldiers first shot twelve farmers and then killed the villagers. They murdered more than two hundred inhabitants: babies, children, pregnant women and elderly people. Sfountouris lost his parents and thirty more relatives. The massacre, which took place just four days after the Allied forces’ landing at Normandy on June 6, 1944, is considered one of the most atrocious of its kind.

The boy, who was not even four years old, was put in a Piraeus orphanage, accommodating more than a thousand war orphans. As he was just skin and bones, he was transferred to a smaller orphanage on the other side of Athens. But despite better and more individualized care, he was barely able to digest the food because he suffered from a stomach ache.

Almost four years later, a Red Cross delegation paid a visit to the orphanage. They selected a number of children, eight-year-old Sfountouris among them, that were to be sent on a journey to a faraway country; to the Pestalozzi Children’s Village in Trogen, Switzerland.


  1. Greek leftists love to go on and about crimes fascist committed but say nothing about the countless atrocities communists committed. This would include Greek Marxists… that literally murdered tens of thousands of Greeks on behalf of a foreign power and communist tyranny.

  2. You are so into labels Phil. Marxist Communist Leftist on and on capitalist socialist …Bottom line is everyone is flesh and blood and everyone should have a voice…Your incesant crying because SYRIZA is governing Greece and labeling of anyone that supports them as communist is treasonous. First and foremost they are Greeks, citizens of Greece. You might not agree with their views but they have a mandate to govern. I have never seen anything as pathetic as your ranting. I think you should just leave the country and not return until your phony ND or a like minded party ….maybe the GD wins .

  3. In the You Tube video, “Η Αλήθεια για τη Σφαγή του Διστόμου”, the 23 year old Golden Dawn member Maria Sideri ( Μαρία Σιδέρη ) who is from Distomo tells the truth about the massacre at Distomo. Her grandmother and two of her grandmothers siblings were killed by the Nazi German troops, whilst her great-grandfather, (father of her murdered grandmother) was murdered by communists. Maria Sideri describes how Communist insurgents ambushed and killed several Nazi German troops near the village of Distomo, then ran off. Nazi German troops returned to Distomo village soon afterwards and massacred the defenseless villagers. Its worth noting that the families of the Communist insurgents whose ambush of German troops sparked the massacre didn’t live anywhere near Distomo.