Greek Gov’t Vice President: In case of deadlock the People Will Speak

The agreement with Greece ‘s creditors should include a policy that will make the country viable, Greek Government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis stated on Wednesday to private radio “Sto kokkino.”

Dragasakis estimated that a bridge agreement will be reached in early May. “Today, we are seeking an agreement-solution. Not any agreement though. The agreement needs to be viable. After reaching a bridge agreement, the debate on the debt, the primary surplus, investments and the growth will start,” he underlined. He added that “the bridge agreement is being sought within the framework of the February 20 Eurogroup agreement. We are seeking a minimum agreement, let’s call it like this, with actions that can be immediately implemented. We are struggling for an agreement that will give an immediate solution to the country’s liquidity problem, which we have not created, but we inherited.”

He attributed the delay in the negotiations to the creditors change of stance and a suffocation mechanism with aim to put pressure on the government. Priority is given to the needs of the majority Dragasakis underlined, adding that if the government finds itself at an impasse, there is the solution of resorting to people. “We learn more things as time goes by and we are becoming more efficient,” he stated while expressing optimism over an agreement with the country’s partners and creditors. “The political negotiation group was the result of the experience gained all that period,” he noted.
(source: ana-mpa)