Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis Assaulted at Athens Restaurant


    A group of about 30 youngsters verbally attacked and threatened with violence Yanis Varoufakis and his wife Danae Stratou as they were dining at a restaurant in central Athens, Greece.

    The incident happened around 11pm on Tuesday in the Exarchia area, a well-known Athenian neighborhood where anarchists gather and is ravaged by frequent riots and vandalisms.

    The Greek Finance Minister was dining with his wife and a friend when several young men went to their table and told them to leave the neighborhood because no government official is welcome there. He was verbally insulted and two men moved aggressively towards him when his wife embraced him and protected him with her body, according to witnesses.

    Then Varoufakis stood up and went outside where a group of about thirty anarchists insulted him and threatened to attack. The finance minister told them that he used to live in the neighborhood and he likes it there. According to witnesses, he also told them that they can beat him if they wanted but they will have to listen to him first.

    Soon a crowd of about two hundred people gathered around the arguing parties, with many people shouting their support to Varoufakis. Varoufakis talked with his aggressors for about 30 minutes and the incident ended peacefully. According to witnesses, the anarchists told him he is welcome to Exarchia but only when he is no longer a government official.

    After the incident, Varoufakis told reporters that he is going to Exarchia often and he has lived there from 2000 until 2006. He said that he didn’t want to back down to the threats because it is his right to go wherever he wants. It should be noted that the finance minister does not have security guards during his public appearances.


    1. wait for the Syriza rubbish to emanate about how the youngsters were all golden dawn supporters – Tsipras is characterising all his foes as right wing nationalists who must be destroyed, the man is a dictator worse than musolini or hitler, anyone who is a nationalist under Tsipras is jailed – are we living in communist stalin russia? Why does Tsipras feel more loyalty to the muslim immigrants he is bringing into greece than to greece?

    2. I’m surprised (assuming you’re Greek) that you’re focused on how SYRIZA, the party elected by the Greek people to lead them after years of PASOK and New Democracy incompetence, might spin this attack. What should concern all Greeks is the possibility that the Western neo-Liberal establishment might be tempted to sabotage any attempts to negotiate a more fair deal for the Greek people. Every now and then, the Greeks stand up for themselves, and I therefore have no problem with SYRIZA’s efforts so far. My only fear is that they will cave in rather than default, which, barring a compromise would be the best choice at this point.

    3. Varoufakis did so much damage to Greece – I don´t think that the Greek people has any idea about that fact. In Europe he is seen as arrogant & smart-alec. Within a very short period he snubbed everybody. The public opinion has changed – from supporting Greece to get Greece out of the European Union. This swift of opinion comes from the arrogance of Varoufakis.

    4. you don’t think golden dawn was standing up for greeks? why would i support a party that has stated it will give all illegal muslim immigrants greek citizenship as well as free medical treatment and food while greeks starve?

    5. Samara is a patriot. He has brought something new to the table… fiscal responsibility (why both the extreme left and right hated him)

    6. I completely agree and you have made valid points.

      We need to remember, that Syriza is a function of the people. They only exist because people want them to and were elected by the people.

      This tells me that the Greeks haven’t learnt anything…..