Poll Shows 75% of Greeks Want to Stay in Euro Zone

evro_0A new poll after the television interview of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras shows that the vast majority of Greeks want to stay in the euro zone and are against snap elections, while half of them worry that Greece may leave the euro.

The survey that was conducted by GPO for Mega television shows that 75.6 percent of the Greek population want to stay in the euro at any cost and 72.2 percent are against the idea of going to elections in June if the country fails to come to an agreement with creditors over the Greek debt. Members of the government have suggested to go to polls if there is no “honorable agreement” with lenders.

To the question if the government should strive for a deal instead of going to a rift with European partners, 78.1 percent answered that there should be a deal and 17.9 percent want the government to clash with the European Union.

When participants were asked if they fear a Grexit, 49.4 percent said they do, while 48.9 percent said they don’t believe there is a risk. To the question of what do they think about the Greek strategy in negotiations, 58.3 percent believe that Alexis Tsipras is following the right strategy while 39.8 percent believe his strategy is wrong.

Should the country go to elections, the poll results are similar to the results of the January 25th elections, with the exception of the gap between SYRIZA and New Democracy being wider. Specifically,

SYRIZA: 36.5%

ΝD: 22%

The River: 6.5%

Golden Dawn: 5.5%

ΑΝΕL: 5%

ΚΚΕ: 5.5%



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