Greek PM to Meet With Creditors after Obstacles in Brussels


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is planning to meet with the heads of Greece’s creditors over the next few days, in an attempt to arrange a Eurogroup meeting and to make progress in the negotiations, so that Athens can receive the next installment.

On Saturday, May 2, the technical level cycle of negotiations was completed and according to media reports several obstacles were met. The IMF has requested that Greece makes mass lay-offs, while the European officials are asking for measures in order to cover the 2.5 billion-euro financial gap.

On Sunday, May 3, the creditors’ representatives will inform their political leaders about the negotiations, the points where both parties are in agreement and the points where there are discrepancies in order to determine their future course of action.

The talks will resume on Monday, with Athens aiming at the arrangement of an emergency Eurogroup meeting by the end of the week.

Alexis Tsipras met with the Greek government ministers and his close associates on Saturday, while today, Sunday, May 3 he will meet with members of the economic team, even though Yanis Varoufakis is currently on vacation in Aegina.

Furthermore, the next few days will be critical in deciding the Greek economy’s future:

An ECB Board meeting will take place on May 6, however, after the lack of agreement during the negotiations, it is doubtful that the institution will be lenient.

On May 8 and 9, Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem will travel to the European capitals in order to meet with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin and Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan about the Greek issue.

On May 11, a Eurogroup meeting will be held in order to reach an agreement even at the eleventh hour, while on May 12, Greece is required to pay 760 million euros to the IMF.


  1. When it comes to rest of the world, communist tirades against the man not working for Tsipiras and the far leftist extremists that voted for Marxist Syriza. Cuts are here to stay after all comrades.

  2. Pension cuts are illegal as they are clearly a breach of contract according to Greek legislation (and hopefully in most legislation of the civilized world). I will give you a very personal example. For the last 13 years I pay uninterruptedly 408 EUR per month to social security in order to have a right to a pension of 718 EUR per month at the completion of 65 years of age or at 35 years of uninterrupted payments. This is defined in a signed and stamped contract between myself and the social security Pension Fund authority, However, during the 1st Memorandum the amount of pension to be granted is reduced by 10%. Again during in the 2nd Memorandum the amount of pension to be granted is again reduced by another 22%. This in practice means that while I uninterruptedly pay 408 EUR per month and I am now entitled to take as pension 356 EUR per month ! So I pay more to get less. As this is clearly a breach of contract (I never stopped paying, yet on the contrary the state has clearly breached the contract). AS a result of the breach, myself and many other other people, have legally taken the State first to the Court of First Instance and then to the Higher Court. 2 months ago we have won our case at the Higher Court and the State is now requested by the Court to compensate us for breach of contract, If there will be new cuts in pensions, this means that instead of 356 EUR I will take 289 EUR as pension. Still, I am regularly paying 408 EUR monthly and I never breached my contract. As you understand Greece, like most countries, has also laws. It is not a jungle !!! It is not Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s and Mr.
    Wolfgang Schäuble’s protectorate or colony !!! In case the Greek Government or any government imposes any pension cuts in Greece, this will be for us a breach of contract and we will certainly take the case to the Highest Court. If the Highest Court does not listen to our suit, we will definitely take our just case of Breach of Contract the the European Court of First Instance for sure !!! Be sure about it, Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s and Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble may now feel powerful but we will definitely bring them in front of the court to explain on what terms and conditions they can break the law in our country, No more words. ONLY ACTIONS WILL BRING EUROPE BACK TO WHAT IS LEGAL TO DO AND WHAT IS NOT LEGAL TO DO. GREEK CITIZENS HAVE RIGHTS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, AND WE WILL DEFEND THESE RIGHTS UNTIL WE WIN OUR CASE AND STOP THE E.U,. NEO-LIBERALS FROM BREAKING THE LAW !!

  3. “Pension cuts are illegal”

    Laws can be changed.

    “408 EUR per month to social security in order to have a right to a
    pension of 718 EUR per month at the completion of 65”

    Your figures are off. The amount a person pays varies year to year and your don’t consider inflation.

    “I uninterruptedly pay 408 EUR per month and I am now entitled to take as pension 356 EUR per month”

    You have received far more than pension from the government. The fact is middle class and poor Greeks received far more in services than they contributed in tax revenue. This difference was paid by the wealthy, EU, and foreign creditors. We have to live within our means, not the means of others.
    Communist rants of Syriza supporters won’t change that.