1 Million Euro Reward for Xeros’ Arrest

xerosThe Greek newspaper Kathimerini has confirmed the rumors that circulated the media when known Greek terrorist Christodoulos Xeros was arrested in Anavyssos, on Saturday, January 3. According to the rumors police had provided one million euros as a reward to the informant that led them to arrest the November 17 terrorist.

According to the article that was published by Kathimerini, a few days after Xeros’ arrest, government officials ordered the transfer of 1 million euros to a secret bank account controlled by the country’s Ministry of Public Order, so that the money would be deposited without revealing the identity of the informant.

On January 16, a new decree was signed and the money, originally credited to the budget code for “Special Public Security Costs,” was transferred to the Ministry’s “Confidential expenses.” Furthermore, a Ministry of Public Order official told the newspaper that Xeros was arrested with the assistance of an informant, adding that the reward money would be disbursed under specific and safe procedures.

Xeros violated his furlough terms in January 2014, when he disappeared for a year. The then Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias offered 1 million euros to anyone who could provide information leading to his arrest. Furthermore, Dendias also offered another 3 million euros for information leading to the arrest of known terrorist Nikos Maziotis and his partner Pola Roupa, as well as the two unidentified assassins who murdered two Golden Dawn members in Iraklio, Athens.