Draft Omnibus Bill to Crack Down on Illegal Fuel Trade, Smuggling

fuel smuggling
The draft omnibus bill due to be tabled in Parliament will contain a series of measures designed to combat the clandestine trade in fuel and fuel smuggling, sources revealed on Sunday. These will include the extension of inflow-outflow monitoring systems throughout the entire fuel supply chain, combined with a general audit of businesses in the market, as well as the use of “tracers” in fuel used as raw material by smugglers.

The task of combating the contraband fuel trade has been undertaken by Greek Alternate Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas, who has decided on a first batch of measures to be taken immediately.

Already installed in fuel stations and heating oil suppliers, the inflow-outflow systems will now also be extended to the entire supply chain and to all types of vehicles and boats used to transport fuel, as well as the installations of large-scale consumers, such as the Public Power Corporation, armed forces, police and fire brigade.

The contents of all large storage facilities, including those of consumers that exceed two cubic meters, will be audited, while chemical substances that allow easy tracing will be added to diesel used in ships and fuel destined for export, which are tax free, as well as fuel sent to military installations.
(source: ana-mpa)


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