Poll: 52% of Greeks Want the Euro at Any Cost, But 70% Don’t Want Concessions

dimoskopisi-630x400A new poll published today shows that 52 percent of Greeks want the country to remain in the euro zone, but 70 percent believe that the government should not cross the “red lines” set by the government.

The poll was conducted by Palmos Analysis for SBC business television channel and took place on May5-6.

Seventy-seven percent of participants are against reforms in pension laws and 70 percent are against mass layoffs, two measures required by lenders. Also, 63 percent are in favor of collective bargaining in the labor market, which is another red line the Greek government has set in negotiations.

On the question “what should the government’s priority be”, 52 percent answered that Greece should stay in the euro zone at any cost. At the same time, 44 percent said that the government’s priority should be to get Greece out of any kind of memoranda.

Finally, on the intention to vote question, 36.7 percent said that they would vote for SYRIZA if elections were to be held today, while only 16.5 said they would vote for New Democracy.


  1. We’ve already established by the popularity of Syriza that half our population is nuts. It’s essentially this 50 percent that is the problem with Greece. When ND and Pasok grew up and started to behave responsibly with government fiances, the vultures in these parties jumped ship to support communists and fascists. Until Greeks learn there is no such thing as a free lunch, learn to focus on productivity in the private sector, learn to actually earn a living through voluntary trade rather than extortion, Greece is headed for failed state.