FM Kotzias: Greece Remains Dedicated to the European Framework

kotzias“Greece’s active participation in the dialogue for the improvement and deepening of the European Union is the guarantee for a better and more just future for all Greek and European citizens in a Europe of peace, stability, prosperity and humanity” noted Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in his message on Saturday May 9, Europe’s Day.

Today marks the passing of 65 years since Robert Schuman’s historic Declaration, which laid the cornerstone of the European edifice. With the scars of the destruction of World War II still fresh throughout Europe, the vision of the pioneers of the European idea brought countries divided by centuries of conflict to the table of understanding and cooperation.

Despite the difficulties encountered from time to time, the cooperation of the member states gradually grew in strength on an institutional and political level, in parallel with the successive enlargements that widened the Union’s embrace to include the greater part of the continent’s population.

The current state of affairs renders it imperative that we bear in mind Europe’s role – and Greece’s role in Europe – within a world being shaken by economic instability and major geopolitical challenges. Greece’s experience of the crisis in the Eurozone – a crisis that impacted millions of Europeans’ standard of living – was particularly harsh. However, it is moving ahead with responsibility and dignity in the negotiations with the European institutions to find a mutually beneficial solution that ensures an exit from the economic crisis and a better future for its citizens.

Greece is developing a multifaceted and proactive foreign policy, with total dedication to international law, contributing substantially both to the confronting of the very acute crises being faced by the European Union and the world, and to the strengthening of regional stability.

Greece also remains firmly dedicated to the European framework – the foundation of which is dialogue, deliberation and honest compromise – as well as to the common European values of institutional equality, dignity, democracy and social justice.
(source: ana-mpa)