Greek Exports Increase as Euro Drops


Greek exports, excluding fuel products, increased by 280.4 million euros in March, recording a 20.7 percent rise compared to 2014, while the first quarter of 2015 showed a 14 percent increase.

According to figures released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the value of Greek products exported in March amounted to 2.355.6 million euros, compared to 2.170.5 million in 2014, and that was the biggest growth in 27 months. The increase is attributed to the drop in the euro exchange rate, as in March the euro was at its lowest in 12 years.

First quarter figures show a total of 6.274.1 million euros in Greek exports, compared to 6.387.3 million in 2014. This shows a 1.8 percent drop. If fuel products are excluded, exports increased by 549.1 million, or 14 percent up.

Even with the inclusion of fuel products, there was an 8.5 percent total increase in exports. The biggest increase was seen in olive oil exports, a staggering 177.6 percent, followed by tobacco-alcohol products (up 62.6 percent) and industrial products (26.7 percent).