National Broadcaster ERT Reopens Amid Disagreements


The former employees of national broadcaster ERT took over the building of NERIT — as it is called now — since today is the day ERT is reinstated and they are getting their jobs back.

ERT took overThe employees, who had been laid off when the previous government decided to shut down the national broadcaster on June 11, 2013 and replace it with NERIT, arrived at the building at 9 a.m. on Monday morning as a rally. They were led by two little girls holding the Greek flag as a symbol of struggle.

The outgoing administration opened the main gates at 10:45 and the employees entered the courtyard making the victory sign. They were shouting “ERT is open, it is the voice of every fighter.”

The unionists of POSPERT — the old ERT union — gathered at the main stairs and talked about their victory. They said that ERT workers should not relax and keep fighting for their rights.

tsaknisSinger/songwriter Dionysis Tsaknis is the new ERT director

The Greek Ministry of State has appointed singer/songwriter Dionysis Tsaknis as director and Lambis Tagmatarchis as CEO of the new national broadcaster under the old name, ERT.

The two executives were selected from a list of 153 candidates and will appear in front of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency of the Greek Parliament.

Michalis Grigoriou, Elli Papakonstantinou and Nikos Tranos were appointed in the board of directors as well.

The appointment of the two executives generated reactions in general and within SYRIZA. Several SYRIZA members consider that Tagmatarchis, who has served in the same position at ERT before it was shut down, might implement policies that are not in accord with the ruling party policies.

As for Tsaknis, there is general disagreement as far as experience and skills to run a broadcasting organization are concerned and consider that his appointment is based purely on partisan criteria.



  1. Communists spending money on TV stations when we live in era of many greek channels, satellite TV, and the Internet.

    Leftist morons think it’s more important to waste millions annually on utterly unnecessary ERT rather than improve infrastructure that helps productivity. So typical of leftists. They want a government TV station so they can peddle their political propaganda.


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