Golden Dawn Trial to Resume on Friday


The Golden Dawn trial in Greece was adjourned for Friday as some of the defendants have asked for the lifting of restrictive conditions placed upon them.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos asked for the lifting of his house arrest. The same request was made by his wife and Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia.

MP Michalis Arvanitis asked for the lifting of the order that forbids him to participate in Golden Dawn activities outside the Greek Parliament, something that makes him “a half-member of Parliament,” in his own words.

Two more MPs made similar petitions. Antonis Gregos and Dimitris Koukoutsis asked not to be under house arrest anymore. The latter claimed that he cannot work as a dentist, which is his parallel profession.

Korydallos Mayor Stavros Kassimatis called for moving the trial elsewhere as local residents object having the trial in their area.

Speaking about changing the trial’s venue, which currently takes place at a makeshift Criminal Appeals Court inside Korydallos Prison in Athens, the presiding judge referred lawyers to the administration of the Appeals Court and the Justice Minister.