Main Opposition Says Eurogroup Meeting Showed it is Actually Discussing Review of 2nd Bailout

Costas Karagounis
Main opposition New Democracy on Monday said the government has lied and that what is being discussed with Greece’s lenders is indeed the review of the country’s second bailout program and not a “bridge agreement.”

Commenting on the outcome of Monday’s Eurogroup in Brussels, party spokesman Costas Karagounis said “three things became apparent in today’s meeting”:
“It was made once again clear that this entire negotiation concerns the ongoing review of the second bailout program and not a bridge agreement, as the Greek government has claimed. The government’s claims that there’s no review was a lie.”

Karagounis also said the “sense of progress” which is noted, shows the government is for the first time engaged in serious talks after four months. “Anyone can see that the ‘proud negotiation’ which was taking place for 100 days was a propaganda firework.”

It was also made clear, the ND spokesman said, that an agreement with the troika-institutions must be achieved first and then an approval by the Eurogroup before money is disbursed.
“In other words, the notorious political solution doesn’t exist. The lies are over. The economy cannot handle the asphyxiation and the bill is getting larger,” he added.
(source: ana-mpa)