Greek Alt. Social Security Minister: SYRIZA Will not Come to an Agreement Cancelling the Program

stratoulis“I believe that SYRIZA will not come to an agreement that will cancel basic aspects of the program,” Greek Alternate Minister for Social Security Dimitris Stratoulis said in statements to Greek radio on Wednesday.

“Manoeuvres are always done, certain retreats are always made, this is legitimate, but not canceling the backbone of your policy statements; such an agreement cannot and will not be reached,” he added.

Asked whether the single VAT rate and the continuation of ENFIA (Unified Property Tax) cancel the government’s red lines, Stratoulis said: “My estimate is that the agreement is not yet closed. I also believe that our policy statements on VAT and ENFIA need to be respected. Some days are left to negotiate and ensure an agreement that does not lead us into humiliating submission but will open promising paths, at least it will offer some positive way out for the people and the country.”

On the occasion of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’ statement that the country will face a cash crunch within two weeks if an agreement is not reached, he said: “Our country has many alternative solutions … and this was also proved this week.” Asked whether BRICS is an alternative solution, Stratoulis replied: “Even that. If we need to ask for funding with favorable terms, without Memoranda and unconditional subordination of our country, and they lend us money as a normal country, why should we rule it out? This is an option that is also on the table.”

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. If this guy is reflective of the calibre and thinking of the party then Greece is doomed. There is now way anyone will lend to you on favourable terms if you default. You won’t be trusted And to assume fellow brics countries would lend in this manner is beyond arrogance. A fine example of a poor politician not representing the interests of his country because his principles are clouded by an ideology